Tau Empire VS Tyranids and Chaos Space Marines
Pathfinder #126

#126 is a Pathfinder, his weapon of choice is a Rail Rifle. #126's unit is attached to a Devilfish that's been sent ahead of the main forces to capture a key objective - although he has little idea what it is. Only thats its an Imperium beacon.


Its worth noting that the large Genestealer guy from Space Hulk is proxy for a Carnifex.

This is a custom mission... fluff and rules can be found here  http://cadianshock.com/tau-vs-chaos-space-marines-and-tyranid/

Deployment & Terrain

I'm #126. Begin log at 15 989.M41: 06:15AM.

The battlefield is sparse, a central ruin contains our objective. My unit, the Vespids and Ethereal Sh'Zau's Pathfinders have also made it to the objective ahead of the enemy forces. 

Our Devilfsh ensured we arrived first to discover the Imperium's beacon, but now we are stuck, awaiting reinforcements and alone.

The sun on Avol has now risen and the true horror of the day have been shown to us. Two Genestealer Broods have appeared behind us, between us and our own lines. Another two are ahead supported by Warriors and a Carnifex.

Even with our total faith in Sh'Zau's abilities we feel today will be a short day.

Turn 1 (Tau Empire)

Turn 1 (Tyranids and Chaos Space Marines)

Turn 2 (Tau Empire)

Turn 2 (Tyranids and Chaos Space Marines)

Turn 3 (Tau Empire)

Turn 3 (Tyranids and Chaos Space Marines)

Final Summary

An enjoyable game and one the Tau did look like winning at times. But I forgot some buildings for the game so we played with less terrain than normal which left them extremely exposed once they got the roll to start on the objective.

#126's days were numbered from the start, hunkering down in the ruin was the right thing to do, but the amount of assault units and fire that hit that ruin in the first two turns was just incredible.

Hope you enjoyed this slightly different style of report!

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