Tau Empire VS Necrons

A custom mission of convoy/escort type. Based on Heralds of Ruin Kill Team ruleset.


A mission such as this - a small fluffy skirmish game with Big Guy on one side - has been on my mind for a long time - even before I discovered Heralds of Ruin Kill Team expansion for Warhammer 40k. Having finally got means to make it, I didn't much hesitate.


Deployment & Terrain

Team 1 - Tau - starts in the 12"x12" area in "bottom left" corner.Team 2 - Necrons - deploys up to 12" from "top" and "right" edges.Tau's Riptide is supposed to move along the path marked with orange line.If he gets out of the battlefield in the top right cornet - Team 1 wins.Team 2 wins if they manage to kill Riptide before he gets away.

More detail about team' deployments - in respective "Turn 1" sections.

Turn 1 (Tau Empire)

Turn 1 (Necrons)

Turn 2 (Tau Empire)

Turn 2 (Necrons)

Turn 3 (Tau Empire)

Turn 3 (Necrons)

Turn 4 (Tau Empire)

Turn 4 (Necrons)

Turn 5 (Tau Empire)

Turn 5 (Necrons)

Turn 6 (Tau Empire)

Turn 6 (Necrons)

Necron Lord Strkh the Irn Lrd
Man of the Match

WoW(TM)! This guy was a beast!While I've put to much points in him (could have dropped the Tachyon Arrow and get more models) he's definitely made up for it on a battlefield.

Unfinished buildings
BFU (Biggest F*** Up)

Especially the big one in the middle. The match would go much smoother (and look way better) if it wasn't such a huge piece of unpassable terrain.It was also a reason of another big f'up of this game: Necrons got deployed too wide. At first it looked nice, but it lead to less shooting and lack of psychological effect ("They are comming!!! :O")

Final Summary

This match was CRAAAZY!!!

For most of the time things were going very bad for Necrons and by the end of turn 4. I was ready to declare defeat... but then turn 5. came and Necron Lord finally showed his melee prowess... sort of ;> With an unexpected swing (of warscythe) Necron mnaged to turn the table.

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