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Battle Report Detail

  • 790 days ago 620 0 Warhammer 40K
  • The Relic
    (Eternal War)
  • 1,500 points

Army Detail

Tau Empire
(Team A)
Dark Angels
(Team B)

Army Lists

Tau Empire

Dark Angels

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The long sought after relic has been spotted after a long campaign in the Tau system. The Dark Angels make planetfall and rush to the area. To their dismay, a Tau force has been spotted in the area.

Tau Empire VS Dark Angels

The Relic, get it!

The long sought after relic has been spotted after a long campaign in the Tau system. The Dark Angels make planetfall and rush to the area. To their dismay, a Tau force has been spotted in the area.


Will the jetpack assisted Tau grab the relic before the Angels can get to it in time? Will the Emperor's mighty 1st Legion stand fast and destroy the filthy xenos? 

Deployment & Terrain

Dawn of War deployment, Dark Angels take first deployment and take turn 1 for the initiative. If you look closely you'll find an old plastic/cardboard Imperial bunker/bastion from 2nd edition era ;)


Forgive me if I don't remember everything as this battle was almost a month ago, but it went something like this. 

Dark Angels took the first turn. A volley of sniper fire with precision target almost took out the Ethereal but didn't wound. Land Raider filled with Termies and the Vindicator moved up on the right of the bunker. A drop pod filled with a cheap melta suicide squad (5 marines, combi-melta and meltagun with melta bombs) took to the sky and direct hit right next to the Hammerhead. The volley of melta's vaporized the Hammerhead and the resulting explosion took out a couple sniper drones, some pathfinders and enough Firewarriors to cause a moral check. 

The group of FW with the Ethereal actually broke and ran off the table edge. The suicide squad ended up catching some of the explosion and lost 2 as well. Eventually they ran up and assaulted the pathfinders hiding in the ruins next to them. 

Tau came back broken, but not without some fire. The scouts lost 3 on top of the black ruins and fell back. The stealth team hurridly took cover behind the bunker, waiting for the moment to pop out and grab the relic. XV8's and XV88's started to move up to avenge their brethren. 


The Land Raider and Vindicator lumbered forward looking for targets. The assault cannon spewed round after round, mowing down pathfinders on the hill and cutting down FW's in the rear. 

By turn 3, the Land Raider was finally in position after taking a scary smash attack from the Riptide. Out spilled 5 angry terminators and into CC with the monstrous battlesuit. After a round or two, the 'greater good' was no more. The terminators stumbled forward, looking for their next target, eventually finding one in the stealth suits who had managed to grab the relic and go to ground. Eventually they were killed and the relic was dropped, close to the group of jet assisted XV8s. 

The dreadnought came down in his pod with a thunderous crash. The dread quickly found a group of FW's hiding in the forest and were quickly mowed down with his assault cannon, any survivors were quickly burnt to a crisp from the heavy flamer. 

The group of marines and the librarian in the center took missile after missile from the XV8s and XV88s and took heavy losses before gaining ground and assaulting the XV8's to slow them up a bit. The XV8's turned their attention to the now exposed rear armor of the dreadnought and the volley of missiles silenced the lumbering beast. 

A few well placed revenge shots from the Predator quickly caused instant death on 2 of the Broadsides. 


Nearing the end of the game, the relic was laying in the open. The terminators were quickly taking fire and losing their precious armor. The Land Raider failed to get in range of anyone to take advantage of the insanely strong flamestorm cannon, relying on the range of the AC and MM to make its kills. 

The XV8 suits won a hard fought battle against the tactical marines and were finally free'd up. With no Dark Angel troops near the relic, the XV8's were able to scoop it up and jet thrust away to safety. 

A final D6 roll of 2 ended the game with the final score tied, 4 to 4. A heartbreaking result after a near complete dominance from the 1st Legion all game. Another turn or 2 and the Tau may have been tabled. 

Crisis Suits
Man of the Match

I want to give this to my suicide melta squad for the destruction they wrought on turn 1, but I have to hand it to the XV8s for getting past my attempt of bogging them down in CC and eventually capturing the relic for the tie when the game was completely 1 sided most of the match. . 

BFU (Biggest F*** Up)

With a Ld of 10, I did not see the FW squad breaking after being caught in the explosion from the Hammerhead, but not only did it break, it ran off the board with its tail between its legs and gave me 2 VPs for the Warlord and Ethereal extra VP. 


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Final Summary

After the mayhem that resulted in the Dark Angels initial strike, I was more than confident the whole game. Unfortunately, things took a turn for the worst when the game ended after 5 turns and I ran out of time. 

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3x12 Firewarriors

2x5 Pathfinders

4 Stealth Suits (1 fusion blaster)

3xBroadsides (missile loudout)

3xCrisis Suits 

Hammerhead w/Longstrike

Sniper drone groups w/2 drone controllers

Librarian ML1-PFG

Librarian ML1

Tactical squad: (5) Combi-melta, Melta, Drop Pod

Tactical Squad: (10) Melta

Scouts: (5) Sniper rifles, camo cloaks

Dreadnought: Drop pod, Heavy Flamer, Powerfist, AC

Terminators: 3x TH/SS, Cyclone missile launcher

Land Raider Redeemer: Dedicate Transport for Terminators, AC, 2xFlamestorm Cannons, Multimelta

Predator: 2xLC sponsons, TL Lascannon turret, Schism of Mars