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Battle Report Detail

  • 791 days ago 896 0 Warhammer 40K
  • Purge the Alien
    (Eternal War)
  • 1,650 points

Army Detail

Tau Empire
(Team A)
Dark Angels
(Team B)

Army Lists

Tau Empire

Dark Angels

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Saturday night 'beers and battle' with my nemesis Tau. My buddy decided to try Farsight with 3 bodyguards and another IC in lieu of his usual "bring many many models" tactic. I decided to do the opposite, and brought as many models as possible.

Tau Empire VS Dark Angels

If it moves, kill it.

Saturday night 'beers and battle' with my nemesis Tau. My buddy decided to try Farsight with 3 bodyguards and another IC in lieu of his usual "bring many many models" tactic. I decided to do the opposite, and brought as many models as possible.


2 players that started in 1996 with 2nd Edition, briefly with 3rd edition, took a break since 2000 and now back in it 15 years later!

Deployment - Tau Empire

Tau chooses to deploy first so he can take the first turn. Riptide special character on the left, Hammerhead with Longstrike and a group of Pathfinders on the right. 3 groups of Firewarriors and 2 groups of Pathfinders in the middle. Farsight and his retinue held back in reserves.

Deployment - Dark Angels

I setup my Deimos Plasma Pred on the left with good line of sight to his infantry. Tri-Las Pred and Vindicator in the middle with my Libby sporting a powerfield generator. I setup both my fast attack Ravenwing BlackKnights and Assault Marines on the right to make a B line straight for his Riptide. Scouts infiltrated in the middle ruins. Two of my combat squads setup on the table, the other two held back in reserves in drop pods along with my Dreadnought. 


Tau turn one, night fighting in effect. Riptide moved up and shot at the bikes. Overcharged Ion scattered and missed. Pathfinders markerlit scouts in middle ruins and combined fire from the Firewarriors took out 4 of the scouts, who broke and ran. Hammerhead railgunned the Deimos and immobilized it.

Dark Angel bikes and jump troops rushed up towards the Riptide as fast as possible. TriLas Pred hit the Hammerhead twice and rolled two 2's for no pens. Vindicator moved up and killed a couple Firewarriors hiding on top of the bunker. Two drop pods came down, the Dreadnought taking out a group of Pathfinders with its assault cannon and heavy flamer, and the other pod emptying its suicide melta squad next to the hammerhead. Both CombiMelta and Melta hit, not under half range though and again rolled two 2's for no pen on the side armor. 

Tau Fireblade group ended up deepstriking in behind my Deimos Pred and blew it up with fusion rifle shots. Riptide again missed the bikers who were furiously advancing towards him. Combined fire from Pathfinders and FW's took out 4 marines from my suicide squad, then my deathwind launcher on the DP took out a good number of the grouped up FWs next to it. 

My dreadnought moved up and took out even more FW's from its AP4 AC. All 3 lascannons hit the Hammerhead and blew it up while the Vindicator took out a few more troops on the bunker. 


Librarian with PFG cast invisible on the TriLas Pred next to him so the Tau Fireblade group shot at some marines hiding in the ruins next to them instead, nothing more to report from that 600+pt group. Riptide was caught in assault and took out one BK. The small groups of Pathfinders/FW's in the rear middle were pretty sparse at this point so my Dread turned his attention and started running towards the Riptide to help. Assault marines eventually made it in as well, the poor Riptide had no chance against 4 BKs, 5 Marines with a Librarian, and a Dreadnought. My last drop pod came in and dropped in front of the Fireblade group to slow it up with some more marines who eventually ended up taking out 1 Crisis Suit and 2 or 3 Shield Drones. 


Once the Riptide was dispatched, the Knights and Dread turned their attention towards the one lone Marine holding off a group of Pathfinders and a few FW's left. The assault marines took out the remaining few troops on top of the bunker, then joining the fight with the Dread and Knights. The lone marine survived and will be award for his heroic deeds. 

At this point the only remaining models on Tau were the two Crisis Suits and two characters in my deployment zone. I believe the score was something along the lines of 9-4 in favor of the Dark Angels and the Tau conceded. 

One pissed off Marine
Man of the Match

This guy was the lone survivor of my melta suicide squad that didn't manage to pen the Hammerhead when it had the chance. He ended up getting in CC with many Firewarriors/Pathfinders and would NOT die, while killing about 4 or 5 before being relieved by assault troops and my dread. 

Biggest waste of points
BFU (Biggest F*** Up)

Couple things I could give this to. My plasma pred didn't even fire a single shot all game due to getting immobilized and out of range. His Farsight group was over 600pts strong but at least they managed to kill a tank and some marines. So this has to go to the Tau Riptide character O'Vesa. At just over 300pts total, he did absolutely nothing. He almost smoked my BKs, but his Str8 Ap2 large blast scattered off to nowhere. After catching him in CC with the Knights, his WS1 did him no help, and only managed to kill 2 Knights and 1 Assault Marine while being triple teamed.


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Final Summary

Final Thoughts: When I found out the mission was Purge The Alien, I pretty much thought I'd get destroyed. With no objectives, all Tau had to do was outrange me, sit back and shoot. 

To my surprise, his huge points sink Fireblade group did not make up their points in kills and really held him back, along with his 300pt Riptide. Between those 2 units, that was almost 1000pts of his 1650 army and he lacked a lot of models which I thought would be a disadvantage to me for kill points. 

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Commander Farsight

Commander Bravestorm

3xCrisis Suits

O'Vesa Riptide 

3x6 Firewarriors w gun drones

3x5 Pathfinders 

Hammerhead w/Longstrike

Librarian ML2-PFG

Librarian ML2-JumpPack, Force Axe

Tactical Squad

  1. Combat Squad-Drop Pod, Combi-Melta, Melta
  2. Combat Squad-MultiMelta

Tactical Squad

  1. Combat Squad -Drop Pod, Plasma Gun
  2. Combat Squad-Plasma Cannon

5 Scouts-Sniper rifles,camo cloaks

Assault Squad-Flamer

5 Ravenwing Black Knights-RW Grenade Launcher

Dreadnought-AC, Heavy Flamer, Drop pod

Deimos Predator- HB sponsons, Plasma Destroyer

Predator- LC sponsons, TL Lascannon turret