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Battle Report Detail

  • 811 days ago 219 0 Warhammer 40K
  • Big Guns Never Tire
    (Eternal War)
  • 550 points
  • 3 turns

Army Detail

Space Wolves
(Team A)
Space Wolves
(Team B)

Army Lists

Space Wolves

Space Wolves

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My second match in the Wh40k world. Like a Space Wolf Blood Claw, training is only in the field among the pack always. A quick 540 points battle between Space Wolves.

Space Wolves VS Space Wolves

Wolves Training

My second match in the Wh40k world. Like a Space Wolf Blood Claw, training is only in the field among the pack always. A quick 540 points battle between Space Wolves.


The wolves need no training, we don't use cages or drones. We train with true combat between us and if we survive we are thrown directly to the fangs of the enemy. We fight as much as we can, we destroy as much as we can and then we move. That's the way of the Fenryka.

---My second battle in this war-universe, training again to get out of the lines of the Blood Claws and at least became a Grey Hunter. After this match, I realize that I'm still far far away, but the training never ends...

Deployment - Space Wolves

Rune Priest and Grey Hunters with banner in the middle and the Wolf Priest with another pack of GH and Fenrisian Wolves on my left-side. Idea: Going through the left-center side and use the terrain in my odds.

Deployment - Space Wolves

2 packs of Grey Hunters on my left, Skyclaws with Wolf Priest on the center and another pack of GH on my right.

Turn 1

Turn 1 for Trainee Wolves (Me) 

After taking the initiative for my side and then getting "Jaws of the Wollf Word" and "Murderous Hurracaine" my Space Wolves looked hungry for glory so we walk the most distance we could trying to reach shot-range for the bolters. 

The Fenrisian Wolves ran and the Grey Hunters fire upon their similars and killed two (2) units, 1 flamer involved. 

Turn 1 for Gil Space Wolves 

Skyclaws move through difficult terrain without problems but they fail to run. The Grey Hunters walk to get the Rune Priest on sight and shot... and fail. Bolter's shells were no problem for the Runic Armour. 

But on the other side, Fenrisian Wolves weren't too lucky. 2 Wolves down! Wolves still remain on the battlefield!

Turn 2

Training Space Wolves (me)

On the second turn all my bad decisions began. Yep, as a hot-blooded Blood Claw I continue going to the front (Literally) instead of using the scenario against my enemies. 

So reaching the "Living Lighting" range (18") and getting a pair of six, I obtain 5 hits but only 1 casualty. 

Of all my bolters and plasma gun, on both sides, I only get 1 Plasma and 3 Bolters Hits and, again, only 1 casualty. 

The Grey Hunter Squad on the middle, fail to morale check and they ran back 10", well at least I scare them!

Maybe I could tried another thing but instead of that I finished my turn.

Gil's Space Wolves

Grey Hunters on my right-side ran and the other GH ad Skyclaws move and then fire. Bolter's shells and flames rain against my troops, My Wolf Priest died on a combo of 1 on the 1d6, the plasma guy and two more wolves added to the list of no return.

At the Assault phase, Skyclaws charged and one grey hunter died of HoW, the combat was really insane for my salvation rolls of course:

3 Skyclaws died and all my grey hunters that were with the Rune Priest died. The Wolf Priest ask for a challenge against my RP who tenaciously resisted the restant wounds and the attacks of the Wolf Priest.

My Fenrisian Wolf ran away...

Turn 3

This was the last turn...

My bolters on the left side fail, the wolf continue his "tactical" withdrawal and the great rolls of my Rune Priest were left on the last turn because the damned dice give me more 1 than in any other moment... So, my RP died. 

During my friend's turn, all the remaining troops that could fire, fire against my tiny group of survivors and all was over...

Assault Wolf Priest
Man of the Match

Not only giving preferred enemy to his unit, also some his runic armour saved him and also he killed my strongest unit, my rune priest. Yep, he was the Wolf of the Match

My decisions
BFU (Biggest F*** Up)

Well, I understand now many other things of the game; also I learn a lot of my errors but I really get hot-blooded. If instead of going to the center or maybe moving too much, I would made more damage with my range. 

Still a Blood Claw. 


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Wolf Priest with Jump Pack and Runic Armor (150)

x5 Grey Hunters w/Flamer (75)

x5 Grey Hunters w/Flamer (75)

x5 Grey Hunters w/Plasma Gun (85)

x10 Skyclaws w/Flamer (155)

Total 540

Rune Priest with Mastery 2, Psychic Hood, Rune Sword, Runic Armor, Tempestas Discipline, Melta Bombs (120)

Wolf Priest with Runic Armour, Digital Weapons, The Bite of Fenris (150)

x5 Grey Hunters with Chainsword, 1 Plasma Gun, Banner of the Wolf (120)

x5 Grey Hunters with Chainsword, 1 Plasma Gun, 1 Plasma  Pistol (110)

x5 Fenrisian Wolves (40)

Total 540