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Battle Report Detail

  • 825 days ago 2,527 0 Warhammer 40K
  • The Relic
    (Eternal War)
  • 1,250 points
  • Campaign: Tau & Imperial Guard Alliance

Army Detail

Space Marines and Astra Militarum
(Team A)
Tau Empire
(Team B)

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The start of what will be a long alliance between the Guard & Tau.

Space Marines and Astra Militarum VS Tau Empire

The Relic of Tau

The start of what will be a long alliance between the Guard & Tau.

Turn 1 (Space Marines and Astra Militarum)

Its on! Its begun the battle has started! Nothing happens.

The Terminators move up away from their brothers and into the open in front of the Tau. Meanwhile the Assault squad up forward 12" right onto the relic and take it. The large Tau terrain in the centre blocks them from the enemy while they secure the relic ready for transporting.

The Guard allies on the left flank carefully move among the cargo containers ready to strike later on. The huge Deathstrike Missile is unable to fire in turn 1 and moves forward 6" to gain a better view of the Tau's right flank.

Shooting is poor, hits are missed and Tau saves are made.

Turn 1 (Tau Empire)

Seeing the Marines grab their relic the Tau spring into action the only way they know how. Stay still and shoot.

The two Devilfish on either flank move up, Darkstrider with Firewarriors gets out of one while the other one holds onto its cargo of troops.

Everything is thrown at the Terminators and the Marines with the relic. One Terminator goes down to the hail of fire from two Firewarrrior squads and the sniper drones. A single Marine is lost, but the relic remains in their safe hands. 

The Tau look on as the relic retreats towards the Imperium's lines.

Turn 2 (Space Marines and Astra Militarum)

Big bada boom. 

Deathstrike is launched, its aimed at Darkstrider's Devilfish and his fellow men. The missile scatters slightly and instantly kills 4 Firewarriors and Darkstrider. A hull point is knocked off the Devilfish and it is immobilised. Nothing more is done to it despite the massive impact of the blast.

The Veterans on the left continue their sweep around trying to get their three Plasma Guns into range while keeping cover behind the cargo containers.

Meanwhile the Terminators advance again and the Assault marines keep coming back 6" a turn with the relic. The rest of the marines in the ruins just stay put. Although one fires a single krak missile into the Devilfish already hit by the Deathstrike missile which sheds another hull point.

Turn 2 (Tau Empire)

The Tau forces are beginning to falter and loose sight of their mission. More fire is ploughed into the Terminators, the Terminators that are not holding the relic, that are not new the relic and are not directly protesting the unit carrying the relic. The Tau are obsessed with downing the Terminators at all costs.

Meanwhile on the left flank the Ethereal and Firewarriors have disembarked and put 3 shots each into the Veterans, killing a handful. The Lord Commissar, Psyker and Plasma guns stay standing.

In the centre a Piranha and three Crisis suits fire on the Assault squad with the relic. One or two marines fall, their leadership holds and the Imperium still has the Tau's valuable relic.

Turn 3 (Space Marines and Astra Militarum)

Smelling victory the Imperium starts to play for the end game. The Deathstrike moves into position to block line of sight to the Marines with the relic. The Terminators break cover and advance, again, towards the Firewarriors. Firing and moving a few more enemy fall to Storm Bolter fire.

The Marines in the back field let loose a krak missile and take a wound from a Crisis Suit.

The real action is on the left flank, the Primaris Pysker kills the Ethereal and two Firewarriors with hemorrhage. The Veterans then fire Plasma at the Devilfish and shed a hull point.

Turn 3 (Tau Empire)

The Tau begin to realise that they are about to loose their relic and start to move forward to retake it. Shots ring out into the Assault Marines, killing all but one.

Nothing can bring down the relentless Terminators on the left flank of the Tau. And nothing is left to take on the Veterans as the Firewarriors and Devilfish move out to attack the Marines in the table centre.

Turn 4 (Space Marines and Astra Militarum)

Another successful turn from the Pysker who cuts down two Crisis suits with haemorrhage. The final suit is killed with a Space Marine krak missile from a snap shot as the Marines have now moved out towards the relic. Plasmas finishes the Devilfish near the Veterans and forces the Firewarriors back out.

The Terminators make it into the assault with the Firewarriors. Only a single Tau is killed and they make their leadership test.

Turn 4 (Tau Empire)

We called it at the end of this turn. The Tau were too far away, a case of too little too late.

The Tau wrecked the Deathstrike missile and killed the last man holding the relic. But with many Marines near by and the Veterans on their way too they had no chance of holding the relic let alone getting any troops to the relic.

Man of the Match

Glory to the armoured beasts of mankind!

These guys just walked towards the Tau the whole game, they went no where near the objective, they inflicted minimal casualties but they did their job - soaked up hit after hit of Tau fire.

The amount of fire these guys received was incredible, but they did not stop. Because of them the other 20 regular Marines remained untouched for most of the game.

Tau Fire Warriors
BFU (Biggest F*** Up)

Sitting on the back line for the whole game and shooting at Terminators was not a smart move. Two squads of Firewarriors did this and removed perhaps one or two Terminators as casualties. 

Meanwhile the other Marines went untouched and the Assault Marines lasted a lot longer than they should have.


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Final Summary

A great game all told. The Tau struggled from turn two after not getting on top of the fact the Imperium forces had the relic and were retreating with it. Too much firepower was tired up with the Terminators who were doing nothing for the objective!

The Imperium could have made better use of the Marines on the right flank, a 5 man Tactical squad and a Command Squad did nothing all game and were hardly pictured too.

The Tau were well and truly beat.

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