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  • 759 days ago 590 0 Warhammer 40K
  • The Scouring
    (Eternal War)
  • 2,000 points

Army Detail

(Team A)
Astra Militarum (Space Marines)
(Team B)

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Astra Militarum (Space Marines)

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I went to visit a friend in Lancaster for a 2,000 point game. We had arranged this months ago so both were excited to play, plus we had not seen each other for 6 years plus so it was going to be a great occasion all round!

Salamanders VS Astra Militarum (Space Marines)

Drop Pod Assault

I went to visit a friend in Lancaster for a 2,000 point game. We had arranged this months ago so both were excited to play, plus we had not seen each other for 6 years plus so it was going to be a great occasion all round!


The mission was The Scouring with deployment on the short table edges.

We had exchanged lists a few days before the game, as we were both excited to get the game going so swapping lists and publishing them on my blog seemed like a fun thing to do. Which it was. Although I think next time we won't as it gives you a long time to try and work out your opponents plan - as well as formulate a response to their force. That isn't so easy in the 5 minutes before a game and you see what your opponent has and you have to deal with it right now!

Next time we won't do this. I don't think it effected the game that much, but there is certainly some skill in seeing an enemy force, dissecting it, figuring out a strategy and executing that strategy effectively - quickly. 

Sorry for the lack of painted models. We're working on it!

Deployment - Salamanders

5 drop pods are in reserve along with the Stormtalon. That leaves just the Devastator squad, Scouts, Thunderfire Cannon and an Assault squad on the table after the Salamanders deployed.

The Thunderfire Cannon goes on top of a 4 story building with a Devastator squad taking up the two floors below it. The Tech Marine also bolsters that building for an extra +1 to cover saves.

The Scouts are in the adjacent building.

The other half of the Devastator squad deploys in ruins at the foot of the building with the Thunderfire Cannon in.

And finally the Assault squad deploys on their own way out of the Salamander's left flank.

Objectives wise the Salamanders came up short with the VPs on their nearest objectives. With a 1 and a 2 in their deployment zone. The 4 VP objective can be seen on the grey ruin, right hand side. Its a red square on the top of the ruin.

Deployment - Astra Militarum (Space Marines)

The Imperial Guard forces contain a lot of models and attempt to blot out all Drop Pod landing areas with bodies.

The 4 infantry squads spread out throughout the Guard's deployment zone giving them good coverage with their Lasguns and Heavy Bolters (depicted with Mortar models). 

Creed sits in the centre floor of a tall ruin in the back field with the Lascannon crew on the top floor. The Platoon Command Squad deploy at the foot of Creed's ruin with their 4 Grenade Launchers.

Shrike and his Veteran Vanguard unit deploy in front of the Platoon Command Squad just behind a ruin.

The 50 man Conscript squad with the Priest deploy on the Guard right flank.

The Leman Russ deploys also in the back field next to Creed.

The 3 Lascannon Heavy Weapon Teams deploy in a tall ruin right at the back in the centre.

Finally the two Land Speeder Storms infiltrate forward a little bit and deploy out in front so their Jamming Beacons can be used.

The Guard has decent objectives close up, with the 4 VP objective near by as well as 3 VPs and a 2 VP objective.

The Guard won first turn and gave it to the Salamanders... .

Turn 1 (Salamanders)

With the Guard giving away first turn 3 Drop Pods deep strike and arrive in front of the Guard lines. The Jamming Beacons on the Land Speeder Storms double the number of dice rolled for scatter. This does not have a massive effect on their final destinations and all land within 12" of the Guard's front lines.

A Dreadnought and two Tac Squads are now staring down on the Guard. A few Guardsmen fall to the Flamers and Meltaguns but not as many as expected. The Dreadnought fails to take out a Land Speeder Storm after it Jinks.

The main blow comes from three Krak Missiles fired from the back field into Shrike's unit of Vanguard Veterans. Three hits and three 3+ saves are needed. Three 1s are rolled and 60% of the Veterans are killed. This causes a major blow to the Guard's ability to get into the face of the Salamanders and really takes the punch out of that unit's assault ability.

The Thunderfire Cannon places 4 small blasts into the Conscripts killing 6 or 7. This continues throughout the whole game with a handful of Conscripts dying each turn. Its fire never stops or scatters much and as it whittles down the unit.

Turn 1 (Astra Militarum (Space Marines))

The Imperial Guard are going for volume of dice against the Salamanders. Creed is outputting 3 orders and the Platoon Command Squad is putting out 1 giving the Guard lots of First Rank Fire Second Rank Fire, Tank Hunter and Run, Run, Run. 

The Lascannon team explodes the Dreadnought with its first volley. The combined fire from all the Lasgun shots (probably over 200) kills 13 Salamanders. This is a good blow against them as they only have around 50 models in total.

Shrike assaults Marines in the middle of the table, Veterans die to overwatch and Shrike is alone. His unit has really failed and its the first time he has been used!

Turn 2 (Salamanders)

The other two Drop Pods arrive and do not scatter at all due to Locator Beacons on the first three Drop Pods. These two Drop Pods contain more Tac Marines and Vulkan plus his Command Unit.

The Legion of the Damned also deep strike in front of my units, these models are proxied.

Their attacks are devastating, Vulkan kills Creed in his building along with the Regimental Standard and a Guardsman. Other casualties are heavy for the Guard as flamers go off everywhere, re-rolling failed wounds.

The middle of the table is now inaccessible by the remaining Guard forces due to the number of Pods and Salamander models. The Conscripts continue to move up to be pushed back with Thunderfire Cannon blasts.

The Stormtalon also arrives destroying a Land Speeder Storm which has zoomed up the board on the left flank. The Scouts disembark and are all killed by a new by Tac Marine squad.

Turn 2 (Astra Militarum (Space Marines))

The fight is being to wane in the Guard ranks. The Platoon Squad remains but Creed has gone. The Conscripts are unable to move up the board as the Thunderfire Cannon just cuts down the front models and any progress is immediately undone.

Shrike charges a squad of 5 Tac Marines and is Instantly killed my a lucky Meltagun shot in overwatch. His whole unit of 400 points has killed about 3 Marines in the whole game.

The Valkyire has arrived from reserve containing a Veteran Guardsman squad. It puts a Lascannon and two Hellstrike missiles towards the Stormtalon. Everything whiffs.

The remaining Guardsman units begin to assault the Marines. With no orders available for First Rank Fire Second Rank Fire available their volume of fire has been reduced by a third and they no longer have the weight in dice to kill 13 Salamanders per turn.

Luck is really against the Guard as their Lascannons fail against the Drop Pods too which are ploughing in Storm Bolter and Missle fire.

Turn 3 (Salamanders)

The Salamanders stand their ground and pour more fire into the Guard units. Flamers and Meltaguns are ripping them apart, with no saves available at all they Guard are very thin on the ground now.

The Stormtalon fails to hurt the Valkyire and the Thunderfire Cannon continues it slaughter of the Conscripts.

Turn 3 (Astra Militarum (Space Marines))

The Bane Wolf still have not arrived.

The Valkyries moves up the board and drops off its Veterans in the Salamander deployment zone near an objective. All their fire kills 4 Marines and leaves one on the objective. They're left in the open.

Bodies are now so few, or locked in combat that Marines are no longer dying to Lasgun fire nor Lascannon fire. Even the Drop Pods are still standing as Lascannon after Lascannon shot fails.

We call it game after this point. The Guard lines are broken and not even the Bane Wolf arriving in turn 4 will save them from the concentrated fire from the Salamanders.

One positive is that the Legion of the Damned had lost 4 models by now, leaving just one left. Which was good going really considering how many Guardsman had died and they had no Warlord.

Man of the Match

Killing Creed and numours Guardsmen gives Vulkan Man of the Match. He arrived in turn two and sealed the fate of the battle.

BFU (Biggest F*** Up)

This was a toss up between Shrike and the Conscripts. 

While Shrike's unit did very little, it was very unlucky in the way it lost three models in turn one to three Krak missiles.

The Concscripts were a complete waste really. They were placed incorrectly and were no where near anyone that could give them orders. They should have been placed near Creed for his orders. 

150 shots of Lasgun fire would have killed far more Marines. 


Did you enjoy this Battle Report? If so consider sharing it with a wider audience so they too can learn about The Battle Directory! Who knows they may post a Battle Report some dy for you to read an enjoy.

Final Summary

A fun game and the first time I had played against Salamanders. It was a quick game too, those Drop Pods are brutal and even though I knew my opponent was bringing them and I padded out my deployment zone with bodies and Jamming Beacons they were still very destructive.

My main issue was the poor placement of my models. Placing both my ordering units on the same same side meant I could not order my Conscripts and two other infantry squads. This meant I lost fire power and my ability to Go to Ground and then get back up.

I live and learn. And I am ready for the next time I face Salamanders.

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  • Company Command Squad with Creed, Lascannon Regimental Standard and Medi Pack.
  • Platoon Command Squad with 4x Grenade Launchers and the Sergeant with Melta Bombs and Bolt Pistol, everyone has Krak Grenades too.
  • 4x Infantry squads all with a Heavy Bolter and each Sergeant has Melta Bombs.
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