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2000 Points - Warhammer 40K Battle Report

Mission: The Spoils of War (Maelstrom of War)

By greggles

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The final battle of Las Vegas Open's Friendly Tournament! Ork vs Ork! Walker vs Daemon summons! A battle for the ages! Or at least for battle directory! Stephen was my opponent, and a local to VA!

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It's time friends and visitors! The final battle of the ork walkers in the Las Vegas Open. This would be a special battle, because it would be vs not only a local guy (who I just was meeting for the first time, Stephen), but against his Ork Summoning army! I was unbelievably excited to face Stephen and his Orks, so we set a "play date" for game four. It would be a vicious game, with possession going off on turn 1!

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Deployment & Terrain

I don't know if this is the deployment for this malestrom mission, but we didn't feel like deploying differently, so this is what we ended up with. Because I've never dealt with a summoning force, I spread my force out pretty evenly to cover maximum objectives. For those that haven't played malestrom missions, this particular missions allows you to "steal" your opponents objective cards. If your opponent has "secure objective four" and you claim objective four, you will score his mission. This adds for a really interesting dynamic.This was pretty much stephen's deployment. He also placed his psykers and the ard boyz behind los on the left, so nothing could see them. He scouted the deff kopta's forward (after deployment), and shifted the loota's into terrain when I explained the stompa's weapon systems. (bikes are on far right, out of los. His warlord went with the mek guns, making him T7 (what an idea!) due to the rules of artillery! The Bomber and buggies are in reserve. Greggles keeps nothing in reserve!

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The much more mobile orks begin moving around rapidly. The battle wagon with the tank busters shifts behind cover, while the trukk zooms up. The warbikers start heading for the objective on the far right. The psychic phase pops up... and they generate a whopping 18 warp dice. POP! One of the weirdboyz sacrifices himself to the warp and becomes a blood thirster! They also cast cursed earth, giving said bloodthirster a 4++, as one of the other weirdboyz perils and rolls a 6 on the perils chart, becoming mega human. I start sweating a little. The loota's open fire and remove my favorite deff dread from existence. Tea lights on the table! (First blood Stephen)

My turn comes up, and I immediately go to maximum aggressiveness. The stompa moves forward, everyone else shuffles. My maelstrom cards are an objective in my deployment (or something easy like 3 things in your deployment), killing the enemy warlord, and killing an enemy character. I move some kans on the objective, and shift everyone up for a massive shooting phase!

The stompa takes aim at the loota's, unloading his massive rattling cannon... it jams immediately, shoots a total of maybe 7 shots, hits one loota. He then fires off all his missiles, and big shootas, killing a few loota's (enough to force morale). He then turns his pie plate to the battle wagon, hits it dead on, and stephen fails his 4+ cover, and it explodes, killing a few tank bustas, who fail morale, kill some more, and end up with just one tank buster (who is very angry), left.On the left side, shooting takes out the truck, and kills a deff kopta I believe. (or maybe put s a wound on one). On the right, shooting from the six killa kans and mega dread kill all but the nob biker. Everyone passes their morale, and we go onto the next turn.

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Start (Image 2 of 6)

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Start (Image 3 of 6)

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Start (Image 4 of 6)

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Start (Image 5 of 6)

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Start (Image 6 of 6)

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The warbikers and bomber come in from reserve. The bomber drops a bomb on the deff dread and does some damage to hit, and itself. The warbikers zoom onto an objective and claim it. The mega nobz, standing outside their blown up truck, decide to try and take out the gorkanaut. The blood thirster moves up to engage the deff dread. (That's one angry ork).In the psychic phase, a unit of khorne orks are summoned, and promptly mishap and go back into reserves. Stephen casts ere we go (or whatever they changed it to), and decides to deep strike his psyker heavy mob in my deployment. I mention the units in close proximity to the mob of death he's bringing in, and he decides to risk it all! He hits on target. In his shooting phase, he immobilizes the gorkanaut (boy that happens a lot), and blows up a killa kan (or knocks off a hull point). Other units take damage from the loota's and warbuggies.In the ensuing combat rounds, the blood thirster demolishes the deff dread. The mega nobz charge into the gorkanaut... and are annihilated when greg rolls a 6 on rampage (getting 3 bonus attacks). For those that aren't aware, a gorkanaut is Str 10, Ap1, rampage, at init 2. The poor mega nobz never get to swing. A huge battle is about to take place.

For those that aren't aware, killa kans have a particular gun called the grotzooka. It's a str 6, AP5 "blast 2". It generally isn't very useful because of it's short range... unless someone deep strikes a really large unit right next to a group of grotzooka killa kans. What you are about to witness is somewhat painful for one group of orks!

I immediately split up my forces. The grotzooka kans, the double skorcha deff dread (with 1 hp left), go after the mob of psykers. I have GOT to get someone into CC so they can't summon or I'm in trouble. The killa kans move up on the left to try and hold the blood thirster back. The mega dread and rokkit kans move to contest the warbuggy objective (which I just got).

In the ensuing shooting phase, the deff dread and grotzooka killa kans, do something around 40+ wounds to the group of ard boyz and weird boyz. They make what is considered epic levels of saves (4+ and 5+ FNP, though we thought it was 4+ FNP at the time), and survive. The stompa is on a blind rampage, and puts everything he can into killing the lootas. He doesn't kill many. The gorkanaut, stuck facing forward, fires at the deff kopta's and forces them to fall back. The killa kans fire into the blood thister and do a wound. (he's got 2 left). The mega dread and other group of killa kans whittle down the warbuggies. In close combat, I attempt to charge the deff dread into CC, and fail the charge. I make the charge with the grotzooka killa kans. One dies to a powerclaw. (But i trap the psykers in combat) I fail the charge with the stompa. I make the charge with the killa kans, who lose a member trying to get in, but do another wound to the blood thirster. I get points for killing a number of characters in the mob during my turn.

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Middle (Image 2 of 8)

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Middle (Image 3 of 8)

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Middle (Image 4 of 8)

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Middle (Image 5 of 8)

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Middle (Image 6 of 8)

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Middle (Image 7 of 8)

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Middle (Image 8 of 8)

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Stephen tries to deep strike the blood letters again, they mishap, and I place them really far away from any objective. The deff kopta's rally and head back to help the blood thirster. The lone warbuggy stays on the objective to try to prevent me from taking it (and stephen also has the same objective now!) In CC the blood thirster falls to the killa kans! (2 rokkit kans left) The weirdboy and powerclaws kill another killa kan in that fight.

Game is speeding up fast. With the blood thirster gone, the two remaining killa kans, and the immobilized gorkanaut take out the deff kopta's in shooting. The deff dread moves up to engage the remaining weirdboyz. The mega dread and killa kan kill the warbuggy, and move up to engage his warboss. The stompa kills all but a few lootas, and takes out a few big guns with a lucky shot.

At this point the photos and what happened are a bit fragmented. I'll give a summary as best I can. The stompa takes revenge for his favorite deff dread, and wipes out the loota's, claiming the objective they were sitting on. The mega dread assaults the warboss, and ID's him with a str 10 hit before he can swing back. I claim objective 5 twice, and get slay the warlord, and bonus slay the warlord points (from the card I got on turn 1). The round is ending, so we call it, with a final score of 8-5, ork walkers! (stephen first blood, four objective points. Greggles warlord, linebreaker, six objective points)

It was a great game, and Stephen was a fantastic opponent. He played quite well, even with his grots whispering tactics into his ears while he was trying to be kunnin!

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End (Image 2 of 4)

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End (Image 3 of 4)

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End (Image 4 of 4)

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Man of the Match - The Mega Dread!

He took out the warbikers, most of the buggies, and slew the warlord for a ton of points! He also actually made some invuln saves this game!

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BFU - When the Orks Teleported Next to Grotzooka Killa kans

Probably the biggest mistake of this match was placing a deep striking asset within range of a double flamer dread, and three grotzooka killa kans. The amount of wounds dished out was on an absolutely absurd level, and it took half an hour to resolve them.

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Final Summary

I feel the key moment in this game was the deep striking weirdboyz. I had expected them to do something upon landing there, but they had already used up most of their warp charges. This gave me the opportunity to trap them in close combat, and prevent any more daemon orks from being summoned. I was also the most aggressive I've ever been with the walkers in this game, pushing forward immediately, and making sure there was pressure all over the board. That, combined with a lot of luck in shooting, put him on the defensive from turn 2 onwards. Even so, the damage done to the walkers was severe, as at the end of the game, I just had the stompa, a deff dread with 1 hp, the mega dread, and 2 killa kans left. Sometimes I think this list is more about clogging the battle field with wrecked walkers, then actually killing things :). Most epic moment was the killa kans wiping out the blood thirster, needing 5's to hit, and 3's to wound.

Thanks so much for a great game Stephen! Hoping for a rematch soon!

So there you have it folks, the orks went 2-2 at LVO. My overall placement was dead in the middle, 17 out of 33, which I'm super pleased with! I hope you've enjoyed these battle reports!

If you want to see what I'm planning next, stop by

and give me a holla! Thanks for reading!

The End - Where do you want to go now?

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