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Chaos Space Marines

2000 Points - Warhammer 40K Battle Report

Mission: Purge the Alien (Eternal War)

By greggles

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Walker vs Walker BATTLE! Jason had the exact same idea I had (to bring tons of walkers), only from the chaos perspective. What would follow would be a non stop action packed slugfest that covered the table in death and destruction.

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This game was very evenly matched. It was purge the alien, dawn of war, I had nine kill points, Jason had eight. Walker vs Walker destruction. Having picked the same style lists, we were two peas in a pod. Both of us loving walkers, both just there to have a great time. Plus two super heavies to duke it out. You couldn't ask for a better opponent or a better match up!

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Deployment & Terrain

Deployment was Dawn of war, on a city fat mat. I deployed the walkers into three sections, each section lead by a main walker. (either mega, gork, or stompa), with it's own corresponding deff dread and killa kan group. Jason deployed in ruins expecting to be seized on, which he was :).

Once again, because the terrain was pretty even, we basically took sides based on where our figures were... to save time moving them all around. To be fair, I just want to move my walkers around, watch them blow up, and have a jolly good time. Jason was of exactly the same mind set. He had been looking for me for a royal walker battle the whole previous day!

So I was super super super excited for this game. We both had awesome super heavies. (around the same points even). We both had walker armies. Very even match up. As such, my photos are a bit more "oooh pretty", vs "hey greg moved here on this turn". I would apologize for this, but oooooh pretty!

You'll also notice I have gotten a bit smarter in terms of getting ready, I got out my status markers, and my tea lights out ahead of time.I deployed the majority of my force in the middle, behind cover (or in cover), with the stompa, and a deff dread on the far left. (as far away from the scorpion as possible). Jason "was" going first, but then I think I seized the initiative. Should really write this stuff down!

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First phase is pretty uneventful. I put a hull point on the scorpion, and possibly a hull point or two off the maulerfiends (which were pretty scary... the things with tentacles). Somehow I get a miraculus charge off with the stompa (playing him really aggressively this game) and wipe out the left most maulerfiend with a D hit from the titan weapon. (no invuln save there! and first blood). The maulerfiend does a few HP to the stompa before he drops. This lets the stompa move a bit closer to Jason's backfield. (keep an eye on the stompa!)Then jason went, and proceeded to fire, and fire, and fire, and fire. Dealing hull points all over my army. (but not killing anything yet).

When it comes back to my turn again, I decide to be aggressive. I prep both my deff dreads to speed bump the scorpion, while turning three killa kans to shoot the scorp, and the other six to engage the maulerfield with the mega dread. I think I do another glance on the scorpion, and a glance to the maulerfiend. Then... .

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Start (Image 2 of 2)

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I have what one would consider a "bad turn". Shooting from the daemon walkers wipes out four killa kans. The greater brass scorpion blows up one deff dread, immobilizes the gorkanaut (his big blast ignores cover), then assaults and blows up the 2nd deff dread. (and consolidates back). The maulerfiend wipes out the mega dread (without the dread even being able to swing). Lotta dead stuff this turn! Who would have thought that rusty metal wouldn't hold up to concentrated firepower?

My turn comes up again... the tea lights are flickering... in hindsight, I should have gotten green tea lights, so the fury of the orks could grow with each destroyed walker!!!! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGH!

No I can't actually waagh cause this is unbound and it does nothing. But hey, its fun to think it anyway as a proper greenskin!At this point, I'm down in kill points, and really hurting in firepower. So far I have killed one daemon dread, Jason has killed six. (and immobolized one). I concentrate all my fire power on the maulerfiend. Maybe I can take it out. I drop it down another hull point. It's still alive.

It's not looking good on that flank! I move the lone killa kan up to try and speed bump the maulerfiend.Remember how I told you guys to keep an eye on the stompa? Notice him slowly krumping around on the left? Notice there is one less daemon walker over there? That's right, another stompa charge, another 6, another daemon walker removed from the table. This time it was a triple ectoplasm cannon forgefield. I consolidate the stompa 1 inch away from Jason's next walker. The stompa is starting to get his groove after two games!

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Middle (Image 2 of 6)

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Middle (Image 3 of 6)

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Middle (Image 4 of 6)

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Middle (Image 5 of 6)

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Middle (Image 6 of 6)

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Jason sees my right and center flanks collapsing. He decides to pour all his fire power into them, so he can use his entire army to deal with the stompa. It's a bolt move, and the results are devastating. Between his walkers, and the scorpion, he finishes off the gorkanaut, and another squad of killa kans. (even with 4+ cover saves). He then sees a prime opportunity to hold the stompa in place, while he finishes off the rest of the rusty walkers. He first charges in the maulerfiend, and wipes out the lone killa kan without any trouble. Then he turns to the stompa, and throws his four HP, 5++ invuln walker at him... and watches the stompa promptly erase it from existence with another 6.

Suddenly the opportunity presents itself. In every game, there is always a turn. A single turn where everything lines up, or you see the game slipping away. This was the turn. The stompa started glowing with a strange green energy. His sword arm drooped, then rose high in the air. It was KRUMPIN TIME!

With the failed defilier speed bump, Jason's gambit had failed, and he presented the stompa with a direct path to the greater brass scorpion. There wasn't too many walkers left on my side, so the turns went really fast. You'll note a deff dread is still alive, he's hiding and following the stompa around looking for some scraps. The killa kans (the three remaining alive, of course the worst painted ones!), surround the maulerfiend for a final gambit.Shooting is unleashed. Another HP off the scorpion. Another HP off the maulerfiend. Here we go guys! The stompa makes his charge! The killa kans make their charge! The scorpion hits the stompa for around 5 HP. (Only 3 left!), but the stompa is standing... and he swings with the force of a thousand rusty nails! 4 Hits! All D3's... .10 HP's dealt. The scorpion has 6 remaining. Can Jason make his invulns???

The stompa rips apart the greater brass scorpion with all the anger of his lost buckets of rust. The big mek inside shouting "Don't you realize how many air brush clogs I had to go through to paint those guys?". The scorpion explodes spectacularly, and scatters away from the stompa. The massive explosion stirs the violence with the killa kans into a frenzy, and though they lose another of their number, they tear the maulerfiend limb from limb.

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End (Image 2 of 6)

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End (Image 3 of 6)

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End (Image 4 of 6)

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End (Image 5 of 6)

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End (Image 6 of 6)

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Man of the Match - The Big Rusty Guy!

The stompa was by far the hero of the match. With not only a super heavy engine kill under his belt, he was also responsible for not one, but five daemon walker kills.

He did 22 hull points worth of destruction to the board!

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BFU - Assault Maulerfiends

Shoot the maulerfiends... don't assault them! They hurt really really bad!!!

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Final Summary

At this point, Jason's only option is to kill both my killa kans, and my deff dread, tying me for kill points. He first concentrates everything on the stompa, and all the shots bounce off. The big mek even repairs a hull point. I hide the deff dread in his deployment (out of LOS), and move the killa kans into deep cover. The stompa eats another defiler (with a 6 again!), and moves towards the final two daemon dreadnoughts. His total kill tally is one maulerfiend, one forgefiend, two defilers, and a greater brass scorpion. (wow).

On his last turn, Jason pulls the final two walkers into cover (2+ due to shrouded), and fires at the only killa kan he can see, of which I make the cover saves. The game ends with a final score of 11-9 for the orks! An ork victory!

I really enjoyed this game. Not just because Jason was a really great player, and a really fun guy to play against, but because it gives you that reminder that no matter how bad things are going, you can still sometimes pull out a victory! This was a close and great match, and definitely one of the highlights of my tournament!

The End - Where do you want to go now?

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