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Battle Report Detail

  • 846 days ago 420 0 Warhammer 40K
  • BAO Scenario 4
  • 1,500 points
  • 4 turns

Army Detail

(Team A)
Chaos Space Marines
(Team B)

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Chaos Space Marines

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World Eaters Berzerkers and a FW Blood Slaughterer against Trukk Boyz and the Grukk telyporta formation.

Orks VS Chaos Space Marines

Kharnage for Kids Game 4 - Ork Freebooters vs CSM World Eaters

World Eaters Berzerkers and a FW Blood Slaughterer against Trukk Boyz and the Grukk telyporta formation.


Charity event, December 7th in Plano, TX.

This was Game 4 of the day, and was cut to only 4 turns for time. CSM player is the TO filling in when another player had to leave mid event.

BatRep from the POV of the CSM player.

Deployment & Terrain

Terrain was pre-placed by the event. 

A large LOS blocking building in the center. 

A Wall of Martyrs trench down my left side, and a large hill with a WoM Bunker on top of it on my right side corner.

Opposite the bunker hill were some small buildings in the ork deployment zone, and a small wall. A ruined building on my left side near the WoM trench, in the Ork deployment zone.


Hammer and Anvil Deployment Map

Orks won first turn, and reserved the entire formation to deep strike on turn 1. The rest was deployed near the ruins in Trukks, with their Looted Wagon taking the far left flank position. The far right side was full of tiger striped Warbikers.

CSM deployment was Land Raider and Rhino out front and the Slaughterer behind, between the WoM trench and the side of the LOS blocking building, Havocs in the end of the trench in cover, and Raptors near the far right objective, behind bunker hill. Terminators reserved to DS.

Turn 1 (Orks)

Reserves: Orks reserved more than half the army (the formation) to telyporta (DS) on to the field, turn 1. Numerous DS mishaps result in a very fractured deployment.

Trukks advance, Looted Wagon full of Flash Gitz advances and takes shots, no CSM casualties.

Turn 1 (Chaos Space Marines)

Kharn and his buddies advance in their tanks on the left flank, Havocs take pot shots and shed a few HP, but no FB. Slaughterer advances along behind the tanks. Raptors hold objective Red 1 in CSM deployment zone, right flank, behind bunker hill.

Turn 2 (Orks)

Reseves: Flyer failed to come in.

 Orks advance in Trukks, Deepstrikers try and recover from mishaps and advance mostly on their left flank.

Turn 2 (Chaos Space Marines)

Reserves: Terminators fail to arrive.

Kharn and his buddies pile out and eat an entire Grot unit, consolidating towards the boyz holding the left objective. Raptors enter the bunker for cover against the advancing Warbikers. Havocs continue firing missiles at Trukks and manage to take out the Looted Wagon (DE Raider with a pirate sail, shown here collapsed.)

Turn 3 (Orks)

Reserves: Flyer fails to come in.

Warbikers advance on the Raptors, intent on taking their objective. Boyz advance, a midst wrecked Trukks and try and tear down Berzerkers and the Blood Slaughterer. Heavy ork casualties. Tellyporta'd boyz, nobs, kans and boss all try and recover their poor mishaps by running cross field, meanwhile taking objective Red 3. Trukk Boyz move on center objective Blue 2 on the building balcony.

Turn 3 (Chaos Space Marines)

Reserves: Terminators fail to arrive. Again.

Kharn and his buddies finish of the boyz and hold objective Blue 1 in the Ork deployment zone. 'Zerk squad 2 and the Slaughterer continue to make a mess of boyz.

Raptors jump back out of the Bunker and move back to hold objective Red 1.

Turn 4 (Orks)

Reserves: Forgot to roll for the flyer. Oops!

Ork Boyz overwhelm Kharn and his buddies, and wipe them out, consolidating on to objective Blue 1.

Turn 4 (Chaos Space Marines)

Reserves: Forgot to roll for the Terminators. Oops!

Raptors assault the incoming Warbikers and are slaughtered to a man. What a foolhardy attack.

Blood Slaughterer continues chopping up boyz, but cannot sweep them, and loses objective Blue 2 to their Objective Secured rule, despite standing entirely on top of it.

Land Raider and Rhino focus fire on the Flash Gitz from the Looted Wagon.

Blood Slaughterer Impaler
Man of the Match

Completely destroyed a unit of boyz, caused another to run away, wrecked a trukk and (nearly) captured an objective.

Raptors assault the Warbikers
BFU (Biggest F*** Up)

The Raptors got themselves completely destroyed in one turn, and killed zero Orks, leaving the Warbikers to take the objective, uncontested, on their own turn.


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Final Summary

The game was called on the end of turn 4 for time. Orks win by squeezing out a final objective using Objective Secured.

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Kharnage for Kids - Curtis' Freebooterz

Orks (Formations)

  • Formation

    • (SC) Grukk's Rippin' Krew

      • Grukk Face-rippa


      • Krumpa's Killa Kanz

        Killa Kan Killa Kan

        • Krumpa


      • Rustgob's Runts

        10x Runts (Gretchin)

        • Rustgob

          Squig Hound

      • Skrak's Skull-nobz

        4x Skull-nob 'Eavy Armour Ammo Runt 2x Bosspole Kombi-Skorcha 2x Power Klaw

        • Skrak Head-smasha


  • Factions and Supplements

    • (SC) Sanctus Reach - Stormclaw Campaign Supplement

Orks (Combined Arms Detachment)

  • HQ

    • Big Mek

      3x Ammo Runt Choppa, Shokk Attack Gun Warbike with a Twin-linked Dakkagun

  • Troops

    • Boyz

      11x Ork Boy Sluggas

      • Ork Boy Boss Nob

        Bosspole Power Klaw Slugga

      • Trukk

        Big Shoota, Red Paint Job Reinforced Ram

    • Boyz

      11x Ork Boy Sluggas

      • Ork Boy Boss Nob

        Bosspole Power Klaw Slugga

      • Trukk

        Big Shoota, Reinforced Ram

  • Fast Attack

    • Blitza-bommer

    • Warbikers

      4x Warbiker

      • Warbiker Boss Nob

        Bosspole Power Klaw

  • Heavy Support

    • (WD) Looted Wagon

      Big Shoota Killkannon

    • Flash Gitz

      9x Flash Git Flash Gitz Kaptin

Created with BattleScribe

Bruce Stephenson K4K (TO)

Khârn and His Buddies (Swell Guys!)

Chaos Space Marines (Combined Arms Detachment)

  • HQ

    • Khârn the Betrayer


  • Troops

    • Khorne Berzerkers

      6x Khorne Berzerker 6x Bolt Pistol, 3x Chainaxe 3x Close Combat Weapon, Icon of Wrath

      • Khorne Berzerker Champion

        Close Combat Weapon, Plasma Pistol

    • Khorne Berzerkers

      7x Khorne Berzerker 6x Bolt Pistol, Chainaxe 6x Close Combat Weapon, Icon of Wrath Plasma Pistol

      • Khorne Berzerker Champion

        Plasma Pistol Power Fist

      • Chaos Rhino

        Dirge Caster

  • Elites

    • Chaos Terminators

      2x Chaos Terminator 2x Combi-melta Mark of Khorne 2x Power Fist Veterans of the Long War

      • Chaos Terminator Champion

        Combi-melta Power Fist

  • Fast Attack

    • Raptors

      4x Raptor Icon of Wrath Mark of Khorne 2x Meltagun Veterans of the Long War

      • Raptor Champion

        Close Combat Weapon, Plasma Pistol

  • Heavy Support

    • (IA 13) Blood Slaughterers of Khorne

      • Blood Slaughterer


    • Chaos Land Raider

      Dirge Caster

    • Havocs

      4x Havoc Mark of Khorne 4x Missile Launcher (Frag, Krak, Flakk) Veterans of the Long War

      • Havoc Aspiring Champion

        Bolt Pistol, Close Combat Weapon

Created with BattleScribe