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Blood Angels

2000 Points - Warhammer 40K Battle Report

Mission: Crusade (Eternal War)

By greggles

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My first opponent for the LVO was Justin and his Blood Angels. It would be quite a lesson in my army, and would set the scene for the following battle, as I learned just how fragile a stompa could be...

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Las Vegas Open, Friendly Tournament, Round 1. Justin looked super friendly, so we teamed up!

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Justin drops his pad in front of my left flank. He blows up a killa kan. He then shoots the deff dread I placed in front of the stompa? WHY GREG? WHY DID YOU DO THAT? And... stuns it. It blocks the stompa from moving. I then charge the furioso with the mega dread and the deff dread... he kills the mega dread. I'm not kidding. Hahah. The deff dread reminds me whose in charge, and promptly finishes the furioso off. The gorkanaut fails to charge the drop pod. Man I was already having a blast! (no seriously, I got to use the tea lights already!)

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Start (Image 2 of 3)

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Start (Image 3 of 3)

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The stompa fires a lot at things. Doesn't do much damage. Justin tries to bring his assault squads in. Fails to do so (yay warlord trait). I move the walkers up, the land raider gets mad and shoots the deff dread and blows him up, freeing the stompa. On turn 3, justin finally gets some assault squads in. Each squad has two inferno pistols, and two melta guns. They don't scatter coming in. (Turns move fast, no psychic, and walkers don't shoot much). Justin is doing an excellent job of keeping me contained in my own backfield.Combined fire from the two assault squads does six hull points to the stompa. I don't make a single save. It only wasn't more because justin missed two melta shots.In counter attack, I wipe one squad, and fail to charge the other... thats right, you can see how close I was, I rolled 3's and 4's. (combined)

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Middle (Image 2 of 2)

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With the melta squad still freed, they do another few hull points to the stompa. I'm hovering around 2-3 hp remaining. Still no saves, and still haven't repped a single hull point. However the stompa is freed, and going after the scouts on the objective. The kans and other dreads move up and wipe out the melta squad. The gork engages the death company, and wipes them out en masse (str 10 ap1 with rampage is NASTY!). The stompa gets a lucky shot, and takes out the godhammer land raider in one shot. He then climbs up the ruins, and shoots the scouts to death.

At this point I'm going for primary, and trying to get the stompa to the objective in the ruin (which couldn't have been on the top floor, but this is a friendly game, gonna be mistakes cause we having a blast!). The gork takes out the death company and warlord, and eventually the land raider.Justins mega squad finally comes in, and he decides to just land it right next to the stompa (no scatter), right on top of the objective. He promptly blows up the stompa with melta, which nets him warlord as well (and he gets bonus points for killing a super heavy!). He then has solid control of 3 of 5 objectives. The other walkers are a bit too far away to catch him, and I roll for the game to continue, and it ends on turn 6.

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End (Image 2 of 2)

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Man of the Match - Gorkanaut

He took out a drop pod, land raider, the warlord, and an entire unit of death company!

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BFU - Deployment

I should have deployed far more aggressively. In a list that is very slow to start with, getting a head start vs my opponent is critical!

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Final Summary

Justin took primary, warlord, first blood, and destroyed my super heavy. Win goes to blood angels! Nice work justin! Was great playing with you!

The End - Where do you want to go now?

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