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Battle Report Detail

  • 125 days ago 188 0 Warhammer 40K
  • The Relic
    (Eternal War)
  • 1,650 points

Army Detail

Chaos Daemons (Chaos Space Marines)
(Team A)
Harlequins (Eldar)
(Team B)

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Vraks lies in ruins. Despite victory, most guardsmen lie dead; felled not only by battle but by disease. More lie dying, inflicted with a virulent calamity created by Nurgle. But a Krieg Quartermaster discovered a cure. It must be retrieved!

Chaos Daemons (Chaos Space Marines) VS Harlequins (Eldar)

The Aftermath of Vraks - Nurgle Warband vs Coherian Host

Vraks lies in ruins. Despite victory, most guardsmen lie dead; felled not only by battle but by disease. More lie dying, inflicted with a virulent calamity created by Nurgle. But a Krieg Quartermaster discovered a cure. It must be retrieved!

Deployment & Terrain


  • Nurgle Warband: Chaos Daemons CAD and Chaos Space Marines CAD
  • Coherian Host: Harlequin Masque and Craftworlds CAD

Deployment: Hammer and Anvil

Primary Mission: The Cure

A devastating plague, brought by Nurgle, has savaged the trenches of Vraks. Near the end of the campaign, one Krieg Quartermaster developed an effective treatment and recorded the information onto a servo skull before his position was overrun. Deathwing was sent in to extract the information and upload it to HQ.

The prized servo skull begins the game in the center of the board surrounded by four Deathwing Terminators.

These Terminators can be fired upon or charged by either player during their respective turns. The Terminators will take no action unless a player controlled unit ends a game turn within 6 inches of any terminator model, in which case a special Assault Phase will trigger where the Terminators will automatically successfully charge the nearest player controlled unit. A full assault phase will be played out before the beginning of the next game turn. Regardless of the outcome of the assault, any remaining Terminators will automatically disengage and return to their positions around the Servo Skull. A surviving player controlled unit can then consolidate D3 inches. A player can shoot into an assault with the Terminators so long as none of their own models are engaged. Wounds are allocated closest to farthest.

A player with control of the Servo Skull at the end of the game earns 3 victory points.

Secondary Mission: Kill Points

A completely destroyed enemy units awards its point cost in Kill Points. A unit at least 50% destroyed awards half its point cost in Kill Points. At the end of the game, every 250 kill points are worth 1 Victory Point.

Turn 1

Nurgle went first and immediately moved up the field with six Plague Drones and a Daemon Prince to engage the Terminators protecting the Servo Skull. Both sides failed to do significant damage in the first round of combat.

Eldrad responded by unleashing a Warp Charge 4 Eldrich Storm on the melee. A move which proved helpful to Nurgle as it killed two Terminators and zero Daemons.

In the bonus round of combat at the end of the turn, Nurgle Daemons finished off the Terminators protecting the Servo Skull

Turn 2

The Plague Drones, wasting no time, immediately moved towards the flanking Skyweavers and charge, destroying one. The survivor successfully flees combat leaving the Drones open to fire from the approaching Warp Spiders.

Center field, Papa Nurgle's Winged Prince looks Eldrad in the eye as he swoops towards his Starweaver and savagely smashes it easily. Eldrad and his accompany Troupe are pinned in the wreckage.

Eldar kin quickly move in to protect the ancient Farseer. Eldrads finest Storm Guardians disembark from their Wave Serpent to unleash their Fusion Guns on the Daemon Prince. A second Troupe and their Shadowseer move up to cast Fog of Dreams, weakening the Daemon in combat. They then charge in to lock the monster down.

Along the flank, the third Troupe and Solitaire charge a unit of Plaguebearers. But Papa Nurgle lends his putrid resilience and the Harlequins do minimal damage while suffering many casualties.

Turn 3

Plague Drones swept down upon Eldrad and his Troupe. The Players fought hard, but were nearly wiped out. Only Eldrad and the Troupe Master survived.

Still befuddled by the Shadowseer, the Nurgle Prince swings wildly as the Players whittle away at his disgusting flesh. A warlock, Eldrad's best, invigorates the Storm Guardians who charge to help the players finally destroy the grotesque behemoth.

Fighting in the trench worsens for the Troupe engaged with the Plaguebearers. The Solitaire, Troupe Master, and Shadowseer escape with their lives and flee towards their kin.

Meanwhile, the bulk of the Nurgle Warhost has yet to engage with the Eldar, but now moves up to take up position around the Servo Skull.

Turn 4

The Plague Drones move in on Eldrad and the Troupe Master for the kill, but the survivor of ten millennia of conflict is not so easily felled. Eldrad manages to hold for another combat giving time for another Troupe and the Storm Guardians to charge in and eliminate the Plague Drones.

Little time is given them to savor the victory. For Nurgle forces continued their march and have now consolidated in force around the Servo Skull.

Turn 5

Desperate, Harlequin forces charge the enemy position. Weakened by Warp Spider fire, a Troupe Master whirls into the ranks of the Chaos Space Marines and lays his caress across their Lord; eviscerating him. Enraged, the remaining marines close in and slaughter the Troupe Master and his Troupe.

With reckless abandon, that soulless pariah the Solitaire dives into the disgusting mass of Nurglings, Plaguebearers, and Plauge Marines, trying to buy his kin time to move up and grab the Servo Skull. His efforts prove futile as he is crushed in mass of putrid flesh.

Turn 6

Chaos Space Marines and Nurglings move in, empowered by Nurgle's Herald. The Storm Guardians make their last stand as Eldrad retreats.

In a last ditch attempt, a Skyweaver pushes into the Nurgle ranks, hoping to drive them away from the Servo Skull. But he too is overwhelmed by daemons.

Turn 7

Harlequin and Craftworld forces are in full retreat, ensuring that Eldrad escapes the battle.

Daemons take up position around the Servo Skull ensuring that no one impedes Nurgle's work of rot and decay.


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Final Summary

The game ends with Nurgle in possession of the Servo Skull earning them 3 Victory Points.

Both sides inflicted very similar damage to the other, each earning 5 Victory Points from enemy eliminations.

Nurgle Wins 8-5! Thanks for reading!

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