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Battle Report Detail

  • 664 days ago 589 0 Warhammer 40K
  • Contact Lost
    (Maelstrom of War)
  • 1,000 points
  • Campaign: Vs ResinJunkie Practice

Army Detail

Blood Angels
(Team A)
Astra Militarum
(Team B)

Army Lists

Blood Angels

Astra Militarum

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A simple 1,000 point games between Blood Angels and Guard. This is a practice match for an upcoming game I have against Death Guard. Lets hope it goes as planned! Apologies that my vehicles are not painted!

Blood Angels VS Astra Militarum

Imperium on Imperium

A simple 1,000 point games between Blood Angels and Guard. This is a practice match for an upcoming game I have against Death Guard. Lets hope it goes as planned! Apologies that my vehicles are not painted!


So this is a little practice game for a 1,000 point match up I have against a friend who plays Death Guard. Link below. 

I have played Marines a fair bit but never really focused on beating them specifically or really put much thought into what it takes to undo a Marine army.

Although there was that game against Salamanders I had, which went horribly wrong so I think I need to go back to the drawing board.

I am really looking for input on this one! I need to make a better anti Marine list!

Deployment - Blood Angels

Simple deployment from the Blood Angels, Land Raider and Land Speeder on their left flank with the Baal Predator and Rhino on the right flank.

The image only shows the left flank however.

The Warlord Librarian in Terminator armour deployed right behind the Land Raider well out of sight.

The Blood Angels forces were rather split, no castling up was going on here with both units about 24" from each other.

Deployment - Astra Militarum

I went for a castle deployment, in my left corner. With the Blood Angels going for a split deployment I thought castle might neutralise the furtherest part of their force (Land Speeder and Land Raider) pictured straight ahead.

The Rhino and Baal Predator are seen on the left of the photo.

The Sentinel deployed away from tis castled group, way over on the right flank on top of an objective.

Turn 1 (Blood Angels)

The game starts with a nice round of shoot from the Blood Angels.

The Sentinel is shaken and takes 2 HPs.

A Chimera is glanced to death and my Warlord Lord Commissar is forced out along with his 10 Veterans. My other armour manage to get away without taking any damage.

The Lord Commissar's squad have also taken heavy losses now they are in the open, just the flamers, Lord Commissar and Sergeant remain.

But with the Sentinel now immobile for a turn and snap shooting its as good as dead. My Warlord is not out in the open and less manoeuvrable too.

Turn 1 (Astra Militarum)

I attempt to pop the Rhino, but then realise that the Earthshaker is only AP3, so it cannot one shot anything. The Basilisk instead shed a Hull Points from the Rhino and Land Raider, both are also stunned.

The rest of my force is unable to do anything effectively because there are no valid targets. The Bane Wolf has no infantry targets and the Guardsmen's weaponry is too weak.

The Sentential fires its Plasma Cannon and Hunter Killer Missile, hitting on 6s. Both fail. But its dead next turn so firing the HK Missile seemed like a good idea.

Turn 2 (Blood Angels)

My Warlord is now pinned behind his wrecked Chimera and unable to do anything. A Land Raider is bearing down on his as well as a Rhino and Baal Predator.

The Bane Wolf is killed by Rending shots from the Baal, but then I see he gets cover save. I make most of them and it only loses a single Hull Points. Thank goodness.

The rest of the Blood Angels shooting fails to destroy the other Chimera.

I am not commenting on mission cards because they seem so insignificant compared to the impending doom that my army is in. The Land Speeder is moving between objectives easily and freely.

The Blood Angels Librarian Warlord has a trait which gives him +1 VP for capturing objectives, providing the card is drawn too. But I am pinned in my deployment zone and so cannot capture anything. 

Plus in this mission you can only draw the number of cards equal to the number of objectives you hold. I hold2 at most at any point. While the Blood Angels are always holding at least 3. Bad times.

Turn 2 (Astra Militarum)

Things are going badly now. My Basilisks are alway hitting but only removing single HPs from the Rhino and Land Raider. The Rhino is stunned too. My Guardsmen, Bane Wolf and Chimera still cannot hurt anything. Although I eventually have realised that the free Heavy Bolter in the Chimera's hull can glance the Rhino, but it doesn't. If I have known this in turn on that could have meant another Hull Points and the Rhino might be dead?!

My split firing between Land Raider and Rhino is doing me no favours as its not turn 2 and neither are dead. If I have concentrated on just the Rhino it would be dead, the Marines would be out and the Bane Wolf would be able to easily mop them up. 

If the Land Raider was dead then its cargo of Terminators would have been dropped way back and be less of a threat. Plus the Land Raider's weaponry is really doing me some harm.

Turn 3 (Blood Angels)

With the Armoured Sentinel gone from my right flank I am extremely exposed. 

The enemy Land Raider and Land Speeder continue their relentless journey towards my Deployment Zone where all of my force is now situated.

The Rhino's Bolter Weapons and the Assault Cannon on the Land Speeder also put damage on my vehicles side armour. The number of shots is too great to sustain and my vehicles are gradually being glanced to death.

My Veterans are also out in the open still and are continuing to die to more Bolter fire. My Warlord is also in real danger now too.

Turn 3 (Astra Militarum)

Its becoming increasingly clear that there is little I can do.

The Land Raider and Land Speeder are now on top of me and the Rhino with the Tacs inside as moved away. Those Tacs were the primary target for the Bane Wolf and now they are long gone. The Rhino is wrecked though, but its too late.

Using the Bane Wolf to chase after them would expose its rear armour to the Baal Predator and its Rending Assault Cannon - so instead the Bane Wolf stays put in the hope of killing some Terminators once they disembark from the Land Raider.

My Lord Commissar can just sit and wait behind his wrecked Chimera. The flamers are now use against anything near by and his Melta Bombs are a long shot for getting into assault with the Land Raider.

Turn 4 (Blood Angels)

So its at this point that all seems lost, the turn text will now tail off as less and less interesting stuff happens and my force is gradually squeezed between a Power Fist and a hard place.

Turn 4 (Astra Militarum)

The turns are going quickly now. I am pinned in a corner and unable to act. 

My Veterans with flamers have no targets. The Chimeras are dead. The Basilisks are missing.

Even the Bane Wolf cannot do anything as the Terminators are still in the Land Raider and the Tactical Marines are way over in the Blood Angels deployment zone now.

Turn 5 (Blood Angels)

As I am sure you can tell from the amount of text I am writing per turn - things are going badly. 

My deployment strategy is biting me in the ass. The castle I built in the left flank's corner has become my grave. The final nails being a Baal Predator, a Land Raider full of Terminators and a Land Speeder.

The Land Speeder and Baal Predator are on top of me and pounding Heavy Bolter shells into my Veterans at an alarming rate. Everyone is scared or dead at this point.

Turn 5 (Astra Militarum)

The Terminators finish off my Veterans and its all over now. But we play it out anyway. Because thats what you're meant to do?

Turn 6 (Blood Angels)

And thats that - another tabling at 500 points.

The Termines come in and finish off the Bane Wolf with ease.

Turn 6 (Astra Militarum)

No bottom of turn 6! 

The game was already done!

Man of the Match

This fellow was a great little addition for the Blood Angels. He kept the Tactical Marines mobile and out of harms way - enabling them to survive and easily take objectives in the Blood Angels Deployment Zone in the late game.

BFU (Biggest F*** Up)

I was not aggressive enough with these guys and kept them inside my Deployment Zone for too long. I should have moved them up and Flat Out from turn 1 to gain some ground, some objectives and some cover. Wasted pts.


Did you enjoy this Battle Report? If so consider sharing it with a wider audience so they too can learn about The Battle Directory! Who knows they may post a Battle Report some dy for you to read an enjoy.

Final Summary

So needless to say I have not run this list since this defeat. Since this complete destruction rather.

It was a terrible list for a Maelstrom Mission, it was good for a castling, sort of. But have no mobility at all. Especially when I had the Blood Angels bearing down on me and taking out my Chimeras. The only things that gave me any sort of meaningful movement.

Lessons learned. Onwards.

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  • Baal Predator with Hvy Bolter sponsons and twin linked Assault Cannon
  • Rhino with 10 tac marines, combat squad'd, with 2x Hvy Bolter
  • Land Raider with Multi Melta, twin linked Lascannon sponsons and twin linked heavy bolter
  • 5 Terminators with Chainfists in the Land Raider
  • 1 Librarian in Terminator armour, not inside the Land Raider
  • Land Speeder with Hvy Bolter and Assault Cannon

  • 2x Veteran Squads with 3x Flamers, both in Chimeras
  • Primaris Pysker, ML2 joins a Vet squad
  • Lord Commissar joins a Vet squad
  • Bane Wolf
  • 2x Basilisk
  • Armoured Sentinel with Hunter Killer Missile and Plasma Cannon