Astra Militarum VS Tau Empire
Intro Game

We have a potential new player to our little group, this is his first game. 1,000 points seemed about the right level to start at.


This game was for a new player so it was slow and steady and fairly small at 1,000 points. 

Deployment & Terrain

Deployment was along the long table edges, we were playing on 6 x 4ft. The Guard Veteran Squads spread out, one left, one right and one in the middle (ish) in a building. Straken deployed in cover on the right. Russ in the centre and the Basilisk on the right flank. The tall buildings were terrible for line of sight for the Basilisk.

The Kroot all set up centrally, for objectives, the Riptide sured up in front of Stracken. A Devilfish of Firewarriors, another Firewarrior squad a Pathfinders all deployment on the right flank.

We used all city terrain and set up the table as we wanted before the game - none random. We also had some new Tau Ceti terrain to use.

Man of the Match

The beast of melee for the Guard, took down the Riptide in on fight phase and reduced the Tau Commander to one wound later on. He didn't die and was the only unit that performed correctly. I just wish I had waded him into their lines eariler.

BFU (Biggest F*** Up)

I was playing Guard and I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I just did not do it. I let the enemy dictate the play of the game and moved to counter them, rather than move to complete my objectives. I did not PTFO.

Final Summary

A safe win by Tau, 8 VPs to the Guard's 4 VPs. 

My deployment side was all wrong, I went for safety rather than the objectives. And I paid for it.The Tau could sit on my objectives without needing to move.

I also did not move as much as I needed to, I kept still and tried to win with shooting, which was silly. I should have got up closer to contest and take objectives rather than trying to shoot the Tau off objectives after they had gotten their VP.

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