Astra Militarum VS Chaos Space Marines
A Lesson at 500 Points

This is my third 500 point game now in a row. We've really taken a shine to them, I wonder if that feeling will continue after this game.


This is Vindicare's first time on the table top for me. I was really looking forward to using his rules as well as seeing his digital camo on the battlefield. More on that camo in the link below.

Our 5 players rolled off to see who was fighting who. We had 2x 1v1 fights going on with one person sitting out the first game.

My possible opponents were Tau, Blood Angels and Chaos Space Marines. I rolled CSM. Not good.

Deployment - Astra Militarum

Really simply deployment here. Vindicare on the 2nd floor of a left building with a Veteran squad on the ground floor. This Veteran Squad had my Pysker.

The other Veteran squad deployed on the ground floor of a similar building on the right. This squad at the Lord Commissar with it.

Deployment - Chaos Space Marines

A very simply deployment from the Chaos Space Marines too. A bike squad in their deployment zone and another in reserve. The photo shows one bike squad after taking a loss from the Vindicare.

The Chosen and Chaos Lord infiltrate due to their Warlord trait and deployed out of via behind the large Tau style building.

For those interested you can get those buildings from Micro Art Studio

Chaos Space Marine Bikes
Man of the Match

Fast and destructive against infantry these guys were able to command the table and kill effectively.

Hammer of wraith is also a nice little boon too and was the final blow against the Vindicare.

The Guard List
BFU (Biggest F*** Up)

My list sucked. I wanted to play the Vindicare but it just doesn't work at 500 points. He is 150 points which is too costly at this level and it also meant by troops were without transports.

I will save Mr Vindicare for bigger games.

Final Summary

A short game and I don't think my list ever really stood a chance. 

The Vindicare is too much and you sink a lot of points into a model which can only really kill a single model effectively per turn. Which is fine at higher point levels as you have a lot more other stuff to use to kill massed infantry or vehicles. But at 500 points he is way too expensive.

Still, first tabling and enjoyed it!

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