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Astra Militarum
Blood Angels & Tau Empire

1000 Points - Warhammer 40K Battle Report

Mission: Big Guns Never Tire (Eternal War)

By cadianshock

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An odd match up of Guard vs Tau and Blood Angels. For whose Greater Good?

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This is an odd game, Tau and Blood Angels take on my Guard army. A friend has started with BA and hasn't that many models. He has played as allies to my Guard already and so now its time to ally with my other friend who has a Tau army.

I wrote a story to deal with the 'why'.

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Deployment & Terrain

We went for a city fight with Vanguard Strike deployment. This was a 'set up', we wanted the terrain a certain way with a certain deployment type. The objective markers (5) were placed in symmetrical positions so no one had any real advantage.

The terrain was also fairly symmetrical too, the half way point formed a street dotted with purpose crystals, we then deployed more than 12" from the centre line.

Tau & BA went first and I did not seize the initiative. 

Warlord traits were not great or notable, other than my Company Commander was about to use 3 orders instead of 2.

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Turn 1

The Tau and BA gradually moved forward on their first turn. All their shooting either missed or was out of range! The firing that was done by the enemy was quickly undone by Going to Ground and making use of a nice 3+ cover save.

The Guard stayed put and held fast and shot as much as they could as the BA moved in to kill and the Tau moved towards objectives. Orders ensured that the Guard were able to get back up and continue the fight even after Going to Ground against the Land Speeder's assault cannon and Heavy Bolter.

The Leman Russ Punisher was out of range with its main weapon, the Lascannon failed to hit, but a side Heavy Bolter was able to kill a single Firewarrior!

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Turn 1 (Image 2 of 5)

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Turn 1 (Image 3 of 5)

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Turn 1 (Image 4 of 5)

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Turn 1 (Image 5 of 5)

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Turn 2

Tau continue to move forward towards the central objectives and the objectives to their right while the BA continue their relentless move forward towards my line of Autocannons, infantry squad and platoon squad. The Tau broadside does nothing again and the other Tau shooting was poor.

The two BA tactical squads are able to just swim around at the back and gradually move into position to secure objectives while the Land Speeder and Sanguinary Guard just keep moving forward and forcing my men into cover.

The first Guard reservists appear, a Hellhound, this moves on and then Flat Out to get into the fight for the next turn. Its heading towards the Land Speeder and Sanguinary Guard.

Mortars are raining down very accurate shots onto one of the tactical squads at the back of the board but their armour is just too effective. The Autocannons made some excellent shots on the Land Speeder, 4 hits out of 6 shots, all of which were then Jinked - this doesn't feel good. 

There was some good news from my Russ though, it fired all it had at the Tau Commander finishing off the body guards, drone and the final shot hit and wounded the Commander! This felt good as Instant Death was going to take effect. But wait! The Tau Ethereal had given the Commander Feel No Pain, which worked and the Lascannon shot was mitigated! No!

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Turn 2 (Image 2 of 4)

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Turn 2 (Image 3 of 4)

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Turn 2 (Image 4 of 4)

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Turn 3

The Tau continue their advance on my left flank towards objectives. Their S5, AP5 shooting is devastating against my Guardsmen and 10 men are lost. This is a real blow as they were meant to be taking objectives - or at least denying objectives.

Good news that the Land Speeder had Jinked as it missed all its snap shots. The Sanguinary Guard assaulted my Autocannons with their swords and killed all the models. The axes on initiative 1 were not even needed. Those axe guys just sat back and watched as their comrades hacked down my Heavy Weapons Teams.

The Guard shooting was poor, Devlifish Jinked and survived. More Mortar fire came down killing three Firewarriors and put a wound on the Ethereal. A Chimera of Veterans came on and put everything into the Tau Commander, a Melta 'Instant Deathed' him. Yay! Glory to mankind!

The Hellhound was only able to kill a single Sanguinary Guard, while the 27 shots put down by a single Guardsman squad killed 3!

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Turn 3 (Image 2 of 5)

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Turn 3 (Image 3 of 5)

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Turn 3 (Image 4 of 5)

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Turn 3 (Image 5 of 5)

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Turn 4

The Tau left side didn't do much.

The Sanguinary Guard destroyed the Hellhound in one fell swoop of close combat, while the Land Speeder moved forward and killed all 5 of the platoon command squad. 

The Russ was able to take out a few Firewarriors, as did the Mortars. My final Chimera of Veterans came on and immobilised the Land Speeder.

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Man of the Match - Blood Angels Sanguinary Guard

I have not played against Marines a lot and playing against these guys was not a good way to start. They basically moved forward a lot - due to being jump infantry - got shot and survived. Then moved forward again and survived. Rinse and repeat that until they assaulted. 

Once the assault started anything they touched died. It took one round of combat to kill all 4 Autocannons.

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BFU - Autocannon Heavy Weapons Team

While these are going to get this award they perhaps do not deserve it They shot a lot at the Land Speeder which Jinked. So their ineffectiveness was perhaps not directly their fault.

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Final Summary

We called it at the end of turn 4, it was a Tau and BA win. I did not have enough left on the board, nor enough time to get to the objectives I needed.

It was a good game, the Tau and BA did well together even though they took different ends of the board. The Tau shot and gradually moved forward while taking casualties. The BA moved forward, took no casualties and killed things in melee. Meanwhile the ground they had covered was safe and their tactical squads were able to take objectives at ease.

Lessons learned. Fun had.

The End - Where do you want to go now?

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