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Battle Report Detail

  • 720 days ago 803 0 Warhammer 40K
  • The Emperor's Will
    (Eternal War)
  • 1,500 points
  • Campaign: Tau & Imperial Guard Alliance

Army Detail

Astra Militarum and Tau Empire
(Team A)
Blood Angels and Dark Angels
(Team B)

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Warning, this game is about 3 months old. Errors will be present. The final battle of our Tau & Guard Alliance Vs the Emperor's finest. With the players now well versed in the other's forces and tactics who will be victorious in this final show down?

Astra Militarum and Tau Empire VS Blood Angels and Dark Angels

To The Last Minute

Warning, this game is about 3 months old. Errors will be present. The final battle of our Tau & Guard Alliance Vs the Emperor's finest. With the players now well versed in the other's forces and tactics who will be victorious in this final show down?


We've 1,500 points a side, playing The Emperor's Will deploying on the long table edges. This is the 3rd and final game between this two forces so lets see who can out do the other after so many games and learning for both sides. The Guard and Tau have won each game so far.

Terrain was placed by both sides as we wanted. The single Tau and Guard objective was placed in the centre of their deployment zone inside a 1 story ruin.

The Space Marine objective was placed inside a 3 story ruin just to the right of the centre.

Space Marines deployed first and were set to go first, but the enemy seized the initiative! There was no night fighting and no mysterious objectives.

This game is very infantry heavy for some reason. I think in previuos games some players have been stung by running our of Troops to score... .

I have a batch of 24 Guardsmen on the go at the moment being painted so more models will be painted for my next game! Promise!

Deployment - Astra Militarum and Tau Empire

The photo was taken just after deployment as the Piranha and Platoon Squad have moved up slightly.

The Guard take the right flank with Tau on the left. The objective can be just seen in the grey centre ruin on the first floor, its a small red square.

The Guard Warlord can be just seen in the bottom right of the image, he is a Lord Commissar.

The huge 50 man Conscript blob is in the table centre on the objective. The Platoon Command Squad and an infantry squad are to the left of the blog. A team of 3 Lascannons is in the tall building.

In reserve are a a Veteran squad and a normal Infantry squad. There are no Guard vehicles!

I was playing Guard, my knowledge on what the Tau were doing is poor I am afraid as I had our objective so I was concentrating on keeping that objective.

But the Tau deployed to the Guard's left. 

The Space Marine objective is in the tall building just in front of the Marines visible at the back of the board.

Deployment - Blood Angels and Dark Angels

A Rhino of Tac Marines and an Assault Squad take up the table centre. To their left is another Rhino of Tac Marines plus a Tac Squad on their own.

Then to their right on the objective are two groups of Tac Marines and a Scout squad with Sniper Rifles and Missile Launcher.

In Reserve are 5 Terminators, Sanguinary Guard with a Librarian and Chaplain and finally a Bike Squad. 

Turn 1 (Astra Militarum and Tau Empire)

You're going to have to forgive me for the lack of knowledge on the Tau's side. I was playing Guard which had our objective and was dug in on the right flank.

The plan was to camp on the objective with the 50 man Conscript blob and wait the game out. The infantry units around the 50 man blob would move out and take out the threats as they presented themselves. Nice idea, which worked out well at the start.

The right hand Lascannon took out a Rhino in one shot and stopped dead a unit of 10 Tactical Marines in their tracks. Job done there. 

But there as little else I could do, the odd Lascannon shot here and Plasma Gun shot there didn't really have much effect. My Platoon squad with 5 Grenade Launchers run up and away from my lines.

Turn 1 (Blood Angels and Dark Angels)

You'll have to excuse the formations of the Marines. The Tau and Guard had little in the way of blast weapons. :-)

The strategy of the Marines was obvious. Run forwards and butcher all in their path. And this is what they did. Things that could moved forward 12" (Assault Marines) things that couldn't moved 6" and fired taking out Guardsmen easily. 

The Marine's left flank held their objective and looked set to be rather static as they sat there with their Scouts.

Turn 2 (Astra Militarum and Tau Empire)

Turns out running my Grenade Launcher Platoon Command Squad last turn into the open was a good idea. Their krak grenades wreck a Rhino and force the 10 Tactical Marines out, right in front of my 50 man blob. Its a shame their shooting was terrible and they failed completely.

There are two groups of 10 Tactical Marines marching forwards on the right flank towards my Warlord. I keep plugging away with the Lasgun fire and Lascannon fire. They are not dropping fast enough though.

The blob remains in place and does little else. They are still sitting tight on our objective.

We are becoming hemmed in by Tactical Marines. We are also hemmed in by our allies, the Tau, as we cannot be within 6" for risk of rolling a 1 and doing nothing!

Turn 2 (Blood Angels and Dark Angels)

The Marines and especially the Blood Angels on my right flank continue to press themselves. The Sanguinary Guard Deep Strike right in front of my blob. Terminators do the same in front of the right flank.

Mean while the Dark Angels hold the objective and stay back. Although at some point their bikes Outflank and come in right into the side of my Tau ally.

Turn 3 (Astra Militarum and Tau Empire)

The melee between the Sanguinary Guard and the Conscripts has begun. The Conscripts got the charge in and are now locked in a brutal battle. This will probably be the main focus of the match, its an important fight because its right on top of, just about, the Tau and Guard objective. 

The Tau are moving slowly towards the Marine objective. The bikes have not caused too much damage and are being dealt with! 

On my right the Tacs and Terminators continue to walk forward killing my infantry as more comes in from reserve. The Warlord survives and keeps moving units to gain a wound tank from the men around him. 

Turn 3 (Blood Angels and Dark Angels)

The bikes are now bogged down on the left flank with Kroot. As the right flank pins in the Guard things are looking good for the Marines.

The Tau are still some way of the marine objective and the Guard are surrounded to the point they will now die defending their objective. 

Terminators have now arrived and appeared on the right flank too. So much Bolter fire is now on the right flank that the Guardsmen are falling quickly and the Commissar Warlord is becoming more and more exposed. 

Turn 4 (Astra Militarum and Tau Empire)

Things are now coming to a head. The Tau must now push up and do something about the enemy objective. The Scouts and Dark Angel Tac squads have just sat on it and kept the Tau at bay. Each have been exchanging shots and gradually wearing down the other side, but its not going to win any Victory Points.

The blob combat is still ongoing, only the Librarian and Chaplin remain alive and the blob is now looking very depleted. But alive. Matters are being made worse as their attacks are now being split between two combats. 

The same story is playing out on the far right flank as the Commissar Warlord moves from unit to unit to get a wall of wounds in front of him. And the Marines still keep coming. There is not the weight of fire in place now to down the Marines and force numerous armour saves.

Turn 4 (Blood Angels and Dark Angels)

The assault STLL continues! But the Platoon Squad has broken away with its Grenade Launchers and is moving towards the Dark Angels and the Marine objective.

The Tau and Dark Angels are gradually getting closer too as the Tau confidence grows.

Both nets are closing on each objective.

Turn 5 (Astra Militarum and Tau Empire)

I am really struggling now to remember details. 

The massive grinding assault was sucking up all our time and energy as it was extremely close. All the Sanguinary Guard saves were being made by the Librarian and Chaplin and a few Guardsmen were dying each turn. With the Priest there too they were just staying put, as intended.

Looking at the board, where the Sanguinary Guard stood in combat they were more than 3" from the Tau & Guard objective. If the Conscripts could stay alive they would be within 3" and manage to claim the objective.

My Warlord on the right was now in real trouble as Tacs and Terminators were now in melee with him and his unit Guardsmen.

Turn 5 (Blood Angels and Dark Angels)

The assaults and running still occur. Its so close now. Will the combat end and give the Marines their enemy's objective.

Or will the running Tau and Platoon Squad make it across the board and into the opponents deployment zone to the claim the Marine objective from them.

Turn 6 (Astra Militarum and Tau Empire)

The same happens, assault and run. 

The Guard Warlord dyes to Terminators and Tax Marines in melee but they put up a good fight. Three squads of ten Guardsmen managed to slow down 5 Terminators and 10 Tac Marines for the whole game after popping the Tac Marine Rhino on turn 1.

The Tau have made it into the objective in the Marine deployment zone as have the Platoon Squad.

Turn 6 (Blood Angels and Dark Angels)

With the game ending the Guard and Tau have both objectives. They've managed to push the Dark Angels away from their own objective and the Priest remains in place and secured their own objective!

Man of the Match

These boys lost a lot of blood, but they saved the day. Every single man died, bar the Priest, but they held that objective for 6 whole turns, 4 of those turns were spent locked in combat too!

Good job lads!

Lord Commissar
BFU (Biggest F*** Up)

This feels like abad BFU, but really this guy's lack of usefulness as my fault. I placed him in the back line, out of harms way to sure up my men and stop them from fleeing off the edge of the board.

But really he should have been up there, getting stuck in, using his Bolt Pistol and causing the Marines a headache. But he didn't, he felt wasted, plus being so far back meant that FRFSRF orders were no good during the first two turns - thus limiting the usefulness of his orders.


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Final Summary

I feel like I have skimmed over a lot of detail. But thats OK I guess. The battle was some time ago now and I have just not had time to put it together.

Enjoyable and close battle, right to the wire. 

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