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Battle Report Detail

  • 771 days ago 1,553 0 Warhammer 40K
  • Big Guns Never Tire
    (Eternal War)
  • 2,000 points
  • Campaign: Tau & Imperial Guard Alliance

Army Detail

Astra Militarum and Tau Empire
(Team A)
Blood Angels and Space Marines
(Team B)

Army Lists

Astra Militarum and Tau Empire

Blood Angels and Space Marines

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Another match up between the combined forces of the Imperial Guard and Tau VS Blood Angels. Our opponents have new models which we haven't accounted for and this really mixes things up. Prepare for a close run contest.

Astra Militarum and Tau Empire VS Blood Angels and Space Marines

As Close As It Can Get

Another match up between the combined forces of the Imperial Guard and Tau VS Blood Angels. Our opponents have new models which we haven't accounted for and this really mixes things up. Prepare for a close run contest.


This is the second game between these two forces. Its starting to become quite the little match up of hate between mankind. While the alliance between the Imperial Guard and Tau only solidifies.

I am playing Guard so will remember more about what they do than the other forces the game was around two weeks ago now so remembering everything, accurately, is going to be tough. Apologies to my ally and opponents if they read this and its wrong. I have tried to remember as much as possible how it happened. I'll get the next report written up much sooner so I do not forget!

3 objectives were evenly placed. One in the centre then one towards each deployment zone. Each was worth 3 VPs, with First Blood, Linebreaker and Slay the Warlord also in play for 1 VP each. As it was Big Guns Ever Tire my Russ would also provide the enemy with a VP if it was destroyed.

Deployment - Astra Militarum and Tau Empire

Quick note here, the SNIPERS are Lascannon Heavy Weapons Teams. I forgot my Heavy Weapons teams for the game!

The deployment was Vanguard Strike, corners, if you like. 

I took the closest corner in most of the photos with my Guard forces and my Tau ally deployed away from me in the other corner to my right.

The plan was to move forward with my Bullgryns and their priest. Supported by my Infantry Squads, they'd run distraction and objective capping.

The Platoon Squad with its 4 flamers and Melta Bombs would run about trying to look menacing. 

The Russ sat at the back of my left flank, its plan was to kill the Land Raider.

The Veteran squad with Lascannon and Camo Cloaks would sit in the back field in cover and hit targets from afar. Creed and his unit would do the same, but from their Chimera to begin with.

The Infantry would support the Bullgryns in pushing forward but would be used for what ever really. Run here, capture that, contest that, etc.

The Tau would Deep Strike Farsight and cause havoc. Their Kroot infiltrated up the board and would be a meat shied.

You can read more about my list here

Deployment - Blood Angels and Space Marines

The Land Raider deployed on their right flank to face off against my Leman Russ. The troops and Rhinos were scattered around the centre with a Land Speeder and Dreadnought on the opposite flank from the Land Raider. A Land Speeder also deployed in the centre of their deployment.

The Land Raider and the two Rhinos were both additions to the enemy forces, models they didn't have last time. Those sneaky Marines!

The Land Raider was going to be an issue, AV14 on all sides was going to be a real issue. AV14. AV14 ON ALL SIDES! PANIC!

We had limited means to counter this. I think thats become clear now. The Tau had nothing S8+.


We took first turn as Guard and Tau. My plan for the Guard was to spread out, be awkward and have board presence. I had a lot of bodies on the table and I wanted to use those bodies to cover ground and be seemingly everywhere. 

The Tau had much fewer bodies on the table and would require greater thought in getting things in the right places to be effective.

We moved forward and started to control the board, our closest objective and the central objective. This push forward seems a little premature in hind sight but I think its perhaps a good thing to start moving forward early and applying pressure to your enemy. It starts throwing spanners in their workings. Rather than having spanners thrown at you.

The Space Marines (when I say Space Marines I mean the regular guys and the Blood Angels, essentially I mean "my enemy") moved their Rhinos up very fast, moving flat out and right up on us quickly. Nothing else really moved for the Space Marines for a while. 

We managed to wreck the blue Land Speeder with massed fire from the Kroot in the table centre. Yay! First Blood. 

Hull points were placed on a Rhino and on the Dreadnought. A lucky Lascannon shot managed to score a hull point on the Land Raider too.

The Space Marines put down some heavy fire onto the Kroot in the centre of the table. They needed a leadership check and fled. They did regroup right away though.

My Russ is 'one-shotted' by the Land Raider. Sigh.

With me pushing my Platoon Squad, Infantry and Bullgryns up the board and meanwhile the Rhinos are charging down one flank towards the Tau things start getting messy fairly soon. It feels like we may wheel around each other as we bot apply force to opposite sides of the table.


During this middle part of the game, turns 3 and 4, possibly into 5, things are starting to look messy as units Deep Strike, run forward or are cut down by enemy fire.

My Guard continue to push up the centre of the table and the left flank. I want the Platoon Squad Sergeant with Melta Bombs to make it to Land Raider. The Lascannons are not doing very well against it and its on the other side of the table from the Tau. Plus I do not think they have anything S8 plus. The Bullgryns are still moving and running up the table towards anything they can, they only have melee weapons. Creed remains in the back field.

Farsight Deep Strikes into the Space Marine deployment zone and wipes a unit of Tactical Marines out that have been sat back for the whole game.

The Sanguinary Guard Deep Strike into our deployment zone behind the cargo containers. They lay waste to a few Infantry with their bolter weapons but don't do much else. Everything starts to move away from them to shoot. The objective is close to them and their 12" movement is of great benefit as they dart in and out of cover and threaten multiple units.

The penny begins to drop for us all, everything is contested, no objectives are secured. The only VPs so far is our single VP for First Blood. The Warlords remain intact and we both have Linebreaker because of our Deep Striking units. Panic stations.

I pile in some infantry to the Chimera and begin to shift them forward towards the central objective. The Kroot are nearly all dead but they are still on the board and able to capture although many have fallen back many inches. 

The Sanguinary Guard threaten our objective nearest our deployment zone, that objective was a done deal until they arrived. But now there are no troops nearby from either Guard or Tau forces. 

Its still very much all to play for!


The late game is where it all happens! 

My Bullgryns kill a Tactical Marine squad in melee and destroy a Land Speeder easily. This frees up the right flank for the Tau. But so what, there are no objectives there.

Crisis Suits on the far side from me kill a Tactical Squad in a sweeping advance! Amazing work. The Sanguinary Guard loose a model or two from lots of combined fire from the Tau and Guard, but its not enough to do much real damage.

My Platoon squad make it up to the Land Raider. The Melta Bomb fails and the Sergeant is killed soon afterwards. 6 turns of moving and running wasted. Or was it? They manage to sit on the Space Marine objective, and they are a troop choice! They just have to survive some shooting. They Go to Ground and get a 6+ cover save. I roll 4, yes 4 sixes in a row and they stay put! Terminators Deep Strike in near this objective too, but before they can do anything of use Farsight's men kill them all in one round of shooting. There is a lesson here about the Lascannon heavy Land Raider. Its powerful, but it has so few shoots it was undone by a 5 man squad of Guardsmen.

The Assault Squad disembarks from the Land Raider and onto the objective, but the Chimera tank shocks them off it. We manage to hold the central objective just as the Chimera's new passengers disembark onto the objective - just.

The final objective in our deployment zone in being contested by the Sanguinary Guard, we have no troops near by to take it back so my Veterans start running across the board back towards it. Creed's Move, Move, Move order helped a lot and ensured they moved the maximum distance. Having made it to the objective they were assaulted and lost the combat, they stayed put but the wounds they took (and therefore lost models) made sure they were well away from the objective. So didn't take it.

Land Raider
Man of the Match

This was a new addition to the Space Marine forces and was not expected by myself and my Tau ally. It destroyed my Russ in a single shot and it commanded the table well. 

We were scared of it having never faced it before. I did feel like it could have done more however.

BFU (Biggest F*** Up)

Deep Strike. Shoot. Miss. Be shot at by Farsight and friends. All dead. The end.

I think the placement was out of desperation to try and get some fire power down that end of the table that could deal more wounds than the rather powerful, but limited in terms of multiple wounds, Land Raider.


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Final Summary

A great game, our best for a while. It was very tight towards the end, either side could've won it. 

There were a few mistakes I think on both sides, forgetting rules etc. But it was our best game for sure, lots of tactical decisions, lots of thinking and re-thinking based on what could happen, not whats happening right now

The Tau and Guard forces won the game, I forget my how many VPs, possibly by a single VP. It was so close right up until the end.

I was disappointed with Creed, nothing stands out from that game where I think "Oh wow, that really helped with Creed". His two Warlord traits were useful, re-rolling 1s in melee and shooting but I kept forgetting them and I suppose I cannot really blame Creed for that!

The same can be said for Autocannons, nice on paper, poor in reality. S7 is good, Heavy 2 is good but AP4 against Marines just does not cut it. Lesson noted.

True war gaming fun all round.

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  • Company Command Squad with Creed, a Lascannon and a Chimera
  • Bullgryns with Storm Shields and Power Mauls
  • Ministorum Priest who will join the Bullgryns
  • Platoon Command Squad with four Flamers, Krak Grenades and Sergeant with Melta Bombs
  • Scout Sentinel with Lascannon, in reserve
  • Veteran Squad with Forward Sentries (Camo Gear and Snare Mines) and Lascannon
  • 3x 10 man Infantry Squads with a single Autocannon each
  • Leman Russ Executioner with sponson mounted Multi-Meltas and hull mounted Lascannon

  • Farsight with 3 Bodyguards and 2 Shield Drones
  • Three Crisis Suits with Plasma type weapons
  • 10 Kroot
  • 10 Kroot with 3 Kroot hounds
  • Devilfish with Pathfinders
  • 4 Vespids

New player, unsure if list if entirely legal/battle forged.

  • Sanguinary Guard (in reserve)
  • Land Raider with Twin Linked Lascannons
  • Land Speeder
  • Dreadnought
  • 5 Man Assault Squad in Land Raider
  • 5 Man Assault Squad
  • 10 Man Tac Squad with Lascannon

New player, unsure if list if entirely legal/battle forged.

  • 2x 10 Man Tactical Squads with a flamer and missile launcher each
  • Each Tac Squad is in a Rhino
  • Landspeeder
  • 5 Terminators with Heavy Flamer (in reserve)