Astra Militarum and Tau Empire VS Blood Angels and Space Marines
As Close As It Can Get

Another match up between the combined forces of the Imperial Guard and Tau VS Blood Angels. Our opponents have new models which we haven't accounted for and this really mixes things up. Prepare for a close run contest.


This is the second game between these two forces. Its starting to become quite the little match up of hate between mankind. While the alliance between the Imperial Guard and Tau only solidifies.

I am playing Guard so will remember more about what they do than the other forces the game was around two weeks ago now so remembering everything, accurately, is going to be tough. Apologies to my ally and opponents if they read this and its wrong. I have tried to remember as much as possible how it happened. I'll get the next report written up much sooner so I do not forget!

3 objectives were evenly placed. One in the centre then one towards each deployment zone. Each was worth 3 VPs, with First Blood, Linebreaker and Slay the Warlord also in play for 1 VP each. As it was Big Guns Ever Tire my Russ would also provide the enemy with a VP if it was destroyed.

Deployment - Astra Militarum and Tau Empire

Quick note here, the SNIPERS are Lascannon Heavy Weapons Teams. I forgot my Heavy Weapons teams for the game!

The deployment was Vanguard Strike, corners, if you like. 

I took the closest corner in most of the photos with my Guard forces and my Tau ally deployed away from me in the other corner to my right.

The plan was to move forward with my Bullgryns and their priest. Supported by my Infantry Squads, they'd run distraction and objective capping.

The Platoon Squad with its 4 flamers and Melta Bombs would run about trying to look menacing. 

The Russ sat at the back of my left flank, its plan was to kill the Land Raider.

The Veteran squad with Lascannon and Camo Cloaks would sit in the back field in cover and hit targets from afar. Creed and his unit would do the same, but from their Chimera to begin with.

The Infantry would support the Bullgryns in pushing forward but would be used for what ever really. Run here, capture that, contest that, etc.

The Tau would Deep Strike Farsight and cause havoc. Their Kroot infiltrated up the board and would be a meat shied.

You can read more about my list here

Deployment - Blood Angels and Space Marines

The Land Raider deployed on their right flank to face off against my Leman Russ. The troops and Rhinos were scattered around the centre with a Land Speeder and Dreadnought on the opposite flank from the Land Raider. A Land Speeder also deployed in the centre of their deployment.

The Land Raider and the two Rhinos were both additions to the enemy forces, models they didn't have last time. Those sneaky Marines!

The Land Raider was going to be an issue, AV14 on all sides was going to be a real issue. AV14. AV14 ON ALL SIDES! PANIC!

We had limited means to counter this. I think thats become clear now. The Tau had nothing S8+.




Land Raider
Man of the Match

This was a new addition to the Space Marine forces and was not expected by myself and my Tau ally. It destroyed my Russ in a single shot and it commanded the table well. 

We were scared of it having never faced it before. I did feel like it could have done more however.

BFU (Biggest F*** Up)

Deep Strike. Shoot. Miss. Be shot at by Farsight and friends. All dead. The end.

I think the placement was out of desperation to try and get some fire power down that end of the table that could deal more wounds than the rather powerful, but limited in terms of multiple wounds, Land Raider.

Final Summary

A great game, our best for a while. It was very tight towards the end, either side could've won it. 

There were a few mistakes I think on both sides, forgetting rules etc. But it was our best game for sure, lots of tactical decisions, lots of thinking and re-thinking based on what could happen, not whats happening right now

The Tau and Guard forces won the game, I forget my how many VPs, possibly by a single VP. It was so close right up until the end.

I was disappointed with Creed, nothing stands out from that game where I think "Oh wow, that really helped with Creed". His two Warlord traits were useful, re-rolling 1s in melee and shooting but I kept forgetting them and I suppose I cannot really blame Creed for that!

The same can be said for Autocannons, nice on paper, poor in reality. S7 is good, Heavy 2 is good but AP4 against Marines just does not cut it. Lesson noted.

True war gaming fun all round.

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